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Posted November 3rd, 2010
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The key to surviving a natural disaster is greatly dependent on preplanning before the disaster strikes.  What happens when you realize that you’ve just survived a natural disaster?  Recovery can often be as devastating as the disaster itself. Good homeowners insurance will help you take care of damage to your home, but there are still many other obstacles to deal with, especially the emotional trauma that can occur from dealing with a disaster of any type.

  1. Disaster Information Center (preparedness, recovery) –
    Being prepared for a disaster is the best way to minimize losses and recovery time.
  2. Tips on What to Do After Surviving a Natural Disaster
    Since September 11, 2001, much has changed in our world, nation, state and community. We have become much more aware of the devastation that can be caused by unexpected disasters—whether they are caused by nature, by accident or by terrorist attacks.
  3. Surviving A Natural Disaster
    Natural disasters can happen anywhere, and they often come out of the blue. But proactive preparedness and a clearheaded response will help mitigate the negative effects.
  4. How To Survive the Next Disaster
    When a large disaster (terrorist attack, earthquake, tornado, etc.) strikes, many of the necessities of life are suddenly gone – instantly gone.
  5. What to Do After a NATURAL DISASTER – Brief Article
    The following advice from the Institute of Certified Financial Planners, Denver, Colo., can help you minimize the financial impact of future disasters:
  6. Helping Children After a Natural Disaster: Information for Parents and Teachers
    Natural disasters can be especially traumatic for children and youth. Experiencing a dangerous or violent disaster is frightening even for adults, and the devastation to the familiar can be long lasting and distressing.
  7. How can I Help in a Natural Disaster?
    Many people want to offer help in a natural disaster, whether by donating money, transporting supplies, giving blood, or volunteering to go into affected areas and offer physical assistance. Unfortunately, there are times when well-meaning people get in the way more than they help in a natural disaster.
  8. Natural Disaster Preparations
    Emergencies and disasters can occur anytime, anywhere. Some are primarily seasonal and allow for certain preparations; others occur swiftly and without warning.
  9. Prevent Illness After a Disaster
    Fact Sheet from CDC Emergency Preparedness and Response
  10. How To Recover From A Natural Disaster
    Natural disaster is a great leveler. It spares nobody and that includes businesses, both small and big.
  11. Can Your Family Survive a Natural Disaster?
    No one thinks it will happen to them, but if it happens to you and your family, do you know how to survive?
  12. Diabetic Tips For Surviving a Natural Disaster
    When natural disasters hit, the threat of being cut off from society and therefore medical supplies is a frightening thought.
  13. Natural Disasters and Catastrophes
    Natural disasters cause widespread damage and create a large volume of insurance claims for damage to homes, businesses, cars and other property.
  14. In the Path of a Hurricane: Surviving Mother Nature’s Wrath
    Although it’s almost impossible to predict the damage from a natural disaster, planning helps counter the aftermath, experts say.
  15. LDS Emergency Preparedness: Natural Disasters
    You could use these links to make handouts for classes, find tips for a Emergency Preparedness corner of a Relief Society Newsletter, collect several for a ward preparedness binder, or print them out for your files.
  16. Survive and Thrive after a Natural Disaster
    Natural disasters, like so many things in life, are unpredictable — yet the grief that may result often follows a pattern, says Kristi Cooper, Iowa State University Extension family life field specialist.
  17. How to Survive Natural Disasters
    If there was a natural disaster in my home, would I know what to do? Would I have all of the necessary supplies to ride it out until help arrived?
  18. How To: Survive A Natural Disaster
    Natural disasters will occur on occasion, so I’m here to help you protect your home. True, sometimes you can’t predict or stop nature’s deadly course, but there are measures you can take to protect your home and yourself.
  19. How to Survive a Natural Disasater
    Surviving a natural disaster involves more than just getting through the event. The most important thing is to be prepared to survive the aftermath of the catastrophe.
  20. How to Survive Natural Disasters
    I have compiled some basic information on what to do when severe weather or forces of nature are heading your way. Check it out.
  21. How to Survive Natural Disasters, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Floods and Etc
    There’s hardly a home in the world that truly safe from some type of disaster. But good news, commonsense precautions go a long way in avoiding loss of property and life. I really hope that this article will help us get prepared!
  22. After a Natural Disaster: Coping with Loss
    Understanding the stages of grief, giving into them, and going through them, is key to getting past the disaster and into a fulfilling future.
  23. Extra Emergency Survival Kit Necessities
    How to survive a natural disaster with a camping vacation mindset.  Anyone who has ever been evacuated from, or isolated in, the family home because of a natural disaster, can attest to just how difficult it can be. But there are ways to alleviate some of the troubling aspects of the experience.
  24. Natural Disaster Survival Guide & After Disaster Tips
    It is essential that you get back on your feet and up and running as quickly as possible, so you can get money flowing into your small business.
  25. How to Recover From a Natural Disaster
    The winds have died down, the rain or snow has ended and the earth has stopped shaking. You look around at the mess around you and you think: now what?
  26. How do I Recover Communications After a Natural Disaster?
    Natural disasters can rob businesses of productivity and profits, if not prepared for in advance.
  27. Important Guidelines to Recover from a Natural Disaster
    Going through a natural disaster is an experience that no one should face. Unfortunately, Mother Nature has her own plans and all we can do is learn how to recuperate from a catastrophic event like this.
  28. After disaster strikes, how businesses recover.
    The unimaginable has occurred. Your business has been destroyed or heavily damaged. The disaster could be natural or technological: fire, flood, hurricane, tornado, a power outage, e-mail virus, equipment failure or data loss.
  29. How To Survive a Natural Disaster
    To protect ourselves from natural disaster, we should be equipped with adequate information regarding safety tips, precaution tips, methods to combat, emergency kits to survive, tips to protect your self and your family members, etc.
  30. Life and Credit – Recovering from Natural Disasters
    No matter how well you plan and manage your finances, a natural disaster can take you off track at a moment’s notice.
  31. Surviving Natural Disasters
    Survival in an outdoor environment will be precarious and a test of your resilience and character at the best of times.
  32. 49 Articles About Weather Proofing Your Home Against Disaster
    Weatherizing a home is an important step in attempting to prevent damage done by a natural disaster.
  33. EPA: Natural Events and Disasters
    Every year natural disasters, such as hurricanes, floods, fires, earthquakes, and tornadoes, challenge agricultural production.
  34. Recovery Tips For Hurricane-Battered Homeowners
    If you were in the path of a hurricane, the damage that the winds and water left behind can seem impossible to fix. Getting back to normal will take some time and effort, but there are plenty of people around to help.
  35. How to Survive a Famine
    Severe Weather, Natural Disaster, and Nuclear Attack can Bring on Mass Starvation – Be Prepared
    Welcome to the Common Sense Survival Guides home page. This site is created by Albert Sindlinger. We are a site that makes survival and preparedness information available to the people.
  37. Family Home Security: Natural Disasters
    How to Make a Disaster Recovery Plan With Your Family. When an emergency occurs, it’s natural to feel scared, disoriented and panicked.
  38. American Red Cross Preparedness Fast Facts
    Get the facts you need — before, during, and after a disaster or emergency situation. As the nation’s preeminent preparedness and safety training organization, the American Red Cross developed the following emergency-specific checklists using the latest research, science, best practices and expert opinion.
  39. Surviving a Natural Disaster
    When natural disasters happen (or acts of God), they usually happen when we expect them the least.
  40. The Survivors Club Guide to Financially Surviving a Natural Disaster
    Learn How to Financially Prepare for a Natural Disaster with These Tips from The Survivors Club.

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