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Posted October 21st, 2010
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The present economy, as 2010 draws to a close, has forced many people to seek less expensive ways to maintain their lifestyles. Following realistic budgets and taking advantage of bargains have become essential skills. People who enjoy decorating their homes, or providing those services to others, have had to acquire the knack for finding trendy, yet thrifty and budget-savvy ways to decorate and accessorize rooms, or complete more extensive remodeling or renovations. This article presents a list of 44 blogs comprised of articles, tips, and other resources dedicated to helping the budget-savvy homeowner or interior designer to decorate in trendy, yet thrifty fashion.

  1. Love Where You Live
    Susan is a field editor for such well-known publications as Better Homes & Gardens, Remodel, and Renovation Style. In this blog, she provides numerous thrifty tips about how to restore or renovate furniture and accessories, and remodel rooms, accompanied by high quality photos.
  2. A Stroll Thru Life
    This blog’s author, now retired, enjoys spending her time decorating, sewing, and crafting. She offers decorating ideas to create the look the discriminating homeowner wants, as she says, “on a very tiny budget with just a few changes.” She also provides clear, detailed photos.
  3. A Beach Cottage
    For those who enjoy beach cottage-style decorating, Sarah’s blog provides tips for a look that is a combination of “coastal, cottage, and country.” She encourages readers to just “wing it and not worry about perfection” while taking advantage of renovating old furniture, incorporating vintage items, or scooping up things that just “wash up on the beach” to add to the décor.
  4. Colour Me Happy
    Maria Killam is an interior designer and color expert. She concentrates on helping clients save money by “creating warm, comfortable, and inspired spaces” using the correct color paint and accessories in strategically designed focal points in the home.
  5. Little Red House
    Mary enjoys decorating and sharing her tips, accompanied by beautiful photography. She frequents thrift stores and incorporates her finds into her home décor.
  6. Frugal with a Flourish
    Jess is a self-proclaimed “bargain hunter.” Her goal in this blog is to share decorating tips about “creating a fantastic space for as little cash as possible.”
  7. Strictly Simple Style
    Karen Evans endeavors to redecorate her home “without breaking the bank.” She shares her experiences in this blog to help other people accomplish the same task in their own homes.
  8. Copy Cat Chic
    Reichel B. confesses she loves decorating and finding good deals. In this blog, she offers her tips to others for doing both.
  9. Young House Love
    John and Sherry Petersik are a young couple with an older house. They share their budget-conscious house remodeling and redecorating adventures in this blog to help other “do it yourself” homeowners.
  10. Centsational Girl
    Kate is a self-proclaimed “bargain hunter, design lover, and incurable DIYer.” She uses her blog to share her tips on repurposing items she finds at thrift stores and flea markets, and decorate rooms “diamond style on a dime.”
  11. Our Suburban Cottage
    Bargain hunter and “design nerd” AnNicole believes people can have “chic on a shoestring.” She uses this blog to share her decorating and renovation tips.
  12. Thrifty Décor Chick
    Sarah is into “cheap” decorating through her thrift store treasures. She shares her tips about how to decorate tastefully without spending a lot of money.
  13. The Inspired Room
    Design consultant Melissa combines realistic ideas for decorating with simple homemaking for inspirational “authentic” living. In this blog, she shares her decorating tips for using natural materials and repurposing other items.
  14. The Shabby Nest
    Wendy, who is both a designer and a mother, strives to turn houses into beautiful homes, “without breaking the bank.” In this blog, she offers her tips for using natural items and frugal make-overs.
  15. Shanty 2 Chic
    Sisters Ashley and Whitney recently moved their respective families into new homes. Their need to decorate on tight budgets prompted them to start a blog to share their adventure of transforming “shanty” items into chic décor.
  16. Reinvented
    Kimm started her blog about budget-savvy home décor ideas for “real people with real stuff and real budgets.” She shares her decorating tips about reusing and “upcycling” frugal finds into functional, pleasing treasures.
  17. Finding Fabulous
    Stay at home mom (SAHM) Jane believes in decorating for less by finding fabulous treasures to “revamp, repurpose, or renew.” She shares her simple design tips in this blog and hosts “Frugalicious Friday” for folks to share links to their own “fabulous finds.”
  18. Musings from a French Cottage
    The blog’s author loves simplicity, particularly in the form of vintage and French designs. She shares her creative decorating tips in this blog for remodeling and decorating in French, vintage style.
  19. The Polished Pebble
    Kelley Motsch takes simple, vintage items and transforms them into trendy new home décor items. She shares her tips in this blog about how to rethink and reuse “junk” and turn it into treasures.
  20. Applestone Cottage
    Cindy and her husband Dan live in a little stone cottage surrounded my apple trees, hence the blog name. Dan builds and Cindy decorates “on a shoestring budget,” and she shares their adventures of transforming their little cottage into a home.
  21. All Things Heart and Home
    Robin advocates “decorating on a dime” and “re-purposing beautiful junk.” She shares her decorating tips in this blog.
  22. Cozy Little House
    Brenda Kula looks for simple and frugal ways to make a home cozy. In this blog, she shares how she accomplishes that.
  23. Mary’s Meanderings
    Mary Ellen and her family moved to an old house that required some old-fashioned “elbow grease” and creative thinking. In this blog, she shares her practical decorating ideas for working with what you have available.
  24. One Simple Country Girl
    Virginia country girl Donna loves decorating in a prim/country style. She offers simple, inexpensive decorating tips in her blog.
  25. Coastal Charm
    Linda lives on the coast of Alabama and is an avowed bargain shopper at thrift stores and garage sales. She has a “passion for decorating” and uses her blog to share her tips.
  26. White Flower Farmhouse
    Megan blogs about refurbished and handcrafted items, as well as how to transform this old farmhouse on a budget. The blog includes beautiful photos of the process.
  27. Frugal Farmhouse Design
    Lori confesses to be a “lover of tag sales and flea markets,” and enjoys searching through estate sales, farmhouses, and barns for treasures. She shares her decorating tips based on her philosophy, “things do not need to be expensive to be stylish.”
  28. Between Naps on the Porch
    Susan believes if something is beautiful and adds value to someone’s life, it is time to share it. She uses her blog, therefore, to share her decorating and renovating tips and photos based on “antiquing” and “thrifting” finds.
  29. Dear Daisy Cottage
    Kim is a freelance writer with article published in numerous home décor magazines. In her blog, she shares her love of decorating with thrifty finds of “all things vintage” to help folks on limited budgets.
  30. Magnolia Street Style
    The blog’s author knows how to find treasures among antiques, and at flea markets, yard sales, and vintage shops. She shares her decorating and redecorating tips with such finds.
  31. Karla’s Cottage
    Karla Nathan is a successful published writer, with articles in numerous home décor magazines. In her blog, she shares from her experiences of finding treasures at garage sales, thrift shops, and auctions, and turning them into home décor treasures.
  32. Miss Gracie’s House
    Rene is a stay at home mom (SAHM) living in a century old farmhouse with her family. While they continue the renovation process, Rene shares this blog about how she turns vintage and worn out items into new home décor treasures.
  33. Edie Marie’s Attic
    Sherry loves interior design and bargain shopping, and wants to share her decorating tips with folks who appreciate a look that is “casual elegant, shabby chic, or flea market chic.” She started this blog to do so, coinciding with a craft booth she once had, named after her favorite aunt.
  34. Notes from a Cottage Industry
    An avid “yard saler” into “thrifting,” Tracy Buxton specializes in painting and repurposing old vintage furniture.  She shares her decorating tips, combined with beautiful photos, in this blog.
  35. At Home in the Country
    Jill “loves the thrill of the hunt” at garage sales and thrift stores. In this blog, she shares how she turns these items into cozy home accents in their country home in Hickory Hollow.
  36. The Elegant Thrifter
    Stan’s motto is “always thrifty, always fabulous,” and he uses this blog to demonstrate his point. Stan is also a published author of a book about decorating with treasures found at thrift stores and flea markets.
  37. The Vintage Nest
    Lynn pursues the perfect vintage treasures at yard and estate sales, auctions, flea markets, and antique shops. She shares in her blog how she turns these “special treasures” into home décor beauties.
  38. The Thrifty Trendsetter
    Kara is young mother and her husband has returned to school, so finances are limited. As she continues the adventure of learning to do more with less, and be creative and stylish in the process, she shares her decorating and remodeling tips in this blog.
  39. The DIY Show Off
    Roeshel is a wife and mom who understands budgets and “do it yourself” (DIY) projects. She uses her blog to share her tips about how to creatively repurpose items to design and decorate any home.
  40. Décor Made Simple
    Dianna and her husband Greg enjoy “rescuing” and recycling old, discarded furniture, and transforming it into home décor pieces. The couple also frequents yard sales, flea markets, and antique stores for “junk” to transform. They share their “hunting” and decorating tips in this blog.
  41. Room Remix
    PK has a degree and passion for decorating and interior design. She started this blog so she could help others with tips and creative ideas for people to stay within their budgets.
  42. Crafty Nest
    Monica is a self-proclaimed “crafter and nester” who understands small budgets. In her blog, she shares decorating tips about how to upcycle shabby and unwanted items into stylish and trendy home décor.
  43. Funky Junk Interiors
    Donna, who goes by the moniker “Funky Junk Donna,” invents “new junk from old junk.” She combines wit, expertise, and photos in this blog as she shares from her expertise and experience about room renovations and making unique furniture from repurposed “junk” treasures.
  44. Restyled Home
    Linda is a home decorator and stager in Canada. In her blog, she encourages people to have fun restyling their homes with vintage pieces from antique shops, flea markets, and thrift shops.

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  • Posted November 1st, 2010 by Love Where You Live at 8:52 am - Reply

    Hello . . . Just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you for including me on your blog list. I appreciate it, and I recognize many of the ones you’ve shared. They’re all terrific! I look forward to exploring the others! best regards, -susan

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