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Posted October 6th, 2010
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A family room is the central point of any home. This is where parents gather to drink tea with their spouses, where children complete their homework, and where the dog curls at the feet of game-playing siblings. For this reason, the family room must be decorated for optimal functionality, organized well, have components that all family members use and cherish, and finally it must be comfortable for all family, friends and visitors. The following articles give advice and tips about how to make a family room more livable and comfortable, while still meeting the needs of the entire family.

  1. Make Your Cramped Room More Spacious: Turn your cramped living room into a room of luxury with these tips and tricks.
  2. Using Facades to Create Space: How to use artistic facades to make a living room seem larger and more spacious.
  3. Formal Living Room vs. Family Room: Make sure your personality shines through in the décor of your family room. Also, make sure you have one comfortable living space and one more formal place to entertain guests.
  4. Country Style Family Room: Perfect site for those wanting to use the country style décor in their family room. Country style décor is comforting and inviting to all ages.
  5. Using Sectionals in Your Family Room: Make a family room comfortable with large sectionals. Sectionals create ample seating and cut off less desirable parts of a room.
  6. Casual Elegance: Use pieces in your family room that show off your personality and are both casual and elegant.
  7. Ten Tips For Making an Awesome Family Room: An interior decorator shares ten tips for making a family room awesome for the entire family. Including décor, lighting and furniture that is modern yet functional.
  8. Declutter Your Family Room: Declutter your family room and it will not only make it more comfortable, but inviting as well.
  9. Creating a Media Room: Making your family room a wonderful viewing and media room.
  10. Cozy and Comfortable Family Room: Creating a cozy and comfortable family room that both your family and guests will enjoy.
  11. Making a Family Movie Room: Turning your family room into a home theater will create fun for the entire family. Tips about what to purchase, how to decorate room and what tools you will need.
  12. Decorate on a Budget: Decorate your family room on a budget, while still making the look stylish and functional.
  13. Easy Decorating Tips: One should decorate a living room around their lifestyle, versus their lifestyle around a living room.
  14. Lighting Effects: Using track lighting to make a family room more inviting and warm. Simple techniques with low watt, high watt and colored light placement can change the atmosphere of a whole room.
  15. Tech Family Room : Discusses how to make your family room run on technology, from surround sound to remote control curtains.
  16. Wall Decor: Decorating family rooms can make or break the space. Recommendations for artwork, framing, and color choices.
  17. Recessed Lighting : Recessed lighting creates soft lighting that will benefit the entire family. Great light for reading, watching movies and coloring artwork.
  18. Theme Family Rooms: Choosing a theme with décor and furniture to match will make family room more fun for the family, and more conducive to spending time in the room.
  19. Kid Friendly Family Rooms: Creating a kid friendly family room will make life easier for both children and family. If children can play where they parents are watching TV or reading, less debauchery can occur.
  20. Frugal Decorating: Great family room decorating by using family pictures. Both frugal and tender at the same time.
  21. Declutter the Family Room: Declutter your family room. No one wants to spend quality time in a room full of mess and clutter.
  22. Custom Cabinetry in Your Family Room : Use custom cabinetry to hide clutter, while also displaying custom woodwork.
  23. Couches in Your Family Room: Using couches and sofas, in various colors, patterns and textures to create a unique style in your family room.
  24. Family Game Room: Set up your family room to handle multiple TVs, cords, cables, telephone lines, etc. Families today are gadget users, and this room must contain everyone’s favorite gadgets and gear.
  25. Bring Fall Indoors: Changing your family room décor with the seasons will make your family get in the spirit of the change. Fall is one of the coziest seasons, and candles, throws and leaves can bring autumn indoors.
  26. Play Area in the Family Room: If you have young children you will need to make a play area for them in your family room. Having a small area of toys, puzzles and games will make them feel included as well.
  27. Living Room Lighting: A living rooms’ lighting will bring energy, ambience and the overall character of the space.
  28. Family Viewing Room: Turning your family room personal theater will make movie and TV watching enjoyable for all. Holding screening parties for family and friends will make your home the fun place to be.
  29. Game Room: Creating a game room out of a family room is easy and affordable. Here are tips for bringing the gaming spirit into your home.
  30. Elegance on the Cheap: Interior decorator giving tips on making a luxurious space on the cheap.
  31. Spatial Design: Make your family room and functional. Article presents tips about furniture placement and space.
  32. Feng Shui Tips for Your Living Room: Use feng shui to make your living room more comforting, relaxing and inviting to family, friends and visitors.
  33. Furniture Layout and Energy Flow: Using feng shui to arrange your furniture for optimal energy flow.
  34. Increase Energy in Family Room: Feng Shui principles applied to your family and living room spaces. Feng Shui can make space more livable by increasing the energy flow.
  35. Feng Shui in Your Living Room: Using Feng Shui principles to declutter your living room and create a relaxing, stress free environment for all.
  36. What is the Function of Your Living Room?: Deciding how your living room will function is the number one key to organization and decoration choices. Will this be a room for entertaining guests or a place for family to spend quiet nights watching movies and playing games?
  37. Tips for Organizing: The basics of organization: decluttering, categorizing, and creating a space for everything is discussed here. These tips will help you keep your family room organized and clutter free.
  38. Organization Using Furniture: Buy and use furniture that already has storage place, for example ottomans, storage benches, and baskets.
  39. Organization Advice: Organization and structure help children thrive; design your family room around them and the entire family will be happier.
  40. Plan Your Design on Paper First: Tips for arranging your furniture in your family room to give it more organization and useful space. Remember to always put your designs on paper first.
  41. Add Space to Your Family Room: Organizing your family room can add space and dimension you didn’t know you had before.
  42. Make a Child Room Friendly : A family room can be child-friendly, and still have organization and structure. How to organize a kid friendly room, and make it livable for the entire family.
  43. Pet Space in Family Room: Pets are a part of the family too, and should have a space incorporated for them in the overall family room design. Make the pet space stylish, yet comfortable for your furry friend.
  44. Childproof your Family Room: If you have children, making your family child proofed is the best way to make it a livable space for everyone in the family. Besides safety, you do not want all of your breakables and precious items at risk for being destroyed by little hands.

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