5 Ways That a Fire Can Hurt Your Family

Posted September 15th, 2010
by HomeownersInsurance.org Staff (no comments)

While the current housing crisis may find you occasionally wishing that your house would just burn down so you could walk away from it and your mortgage without destroying your credit, the truth is that these tragedies hurt you in more ways than most people would think of. Here are some of the many ways in which losing your home to a fire can hurt you, many of which your homeowners insurance can’t do anything about:

  1. Loss of a place to live. This is the most obvious, and the one you’ve probably already thought of, so we’ll start here. No one likes to move. Well, no one normal, anyway. Losing your home to a fire doesn’t leave you much choice in the matter. You’re going to need to find someplace else to live.
  2. Loss of personal possessions. Most of us really don’t have any idea how much money’s worth of stuff that we have. Take a quick inventory of all the things in your house that could be lost in a fire and you’ll begin to realize that you’re dealing with a small fortune. Replacing all of the average family’s clothing alone can cost thousands of dollars. What’s worse is that some homeowners insurance policies don’t cover the valuable you lose in a fire.
  3. Loss of sentimental items. There are some things that money can never replace. Children’s favorite toys or blankets come to mind. Photographs, of course, may be gone forever. Look through your house. Chances are there is sentimental value attached to all kinds of things that you really wouldn’t think twice about until it was lost.
  4. Loss of life. No one wants to think about this happening to a loved one, but house fires do claim many lives. Make sure that your family has a plan for how to get out of the house in the event of a fire, and that everyone knows the plan thoroughly.
  5. Emotional losses. We know of one family whose children had migraines for several years after a house fire, reputedly due to the emotional stress. Additionally, those who have lived through house fires often claim an acute emotional sadness which comes on them when they look for something, only to realize that they lost in the fire. This can even happen two or three years after a fire.

Let’s hope you never have to go through a house fire. But in case you ever do, make sure that you are adequately insured and that your insurance includes such things as living expenses while you are looking for new housing arrangements and the replacement of your valuables.

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