50 Posts on Reading the Fine Print About Things Your Home Insurance Probably Doesn’t Cover

Posted October 31st, 2010
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Whether you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned natural, the process of buying a home is quite arduous and in all of the excitement and frustration, it is easy to lose yourself in the details.  When it comes to choosing your home insurance however, you must be vigilant and always read the fine print of the policy you choose so that you can avoid unwelcomed surprises if you need to file a claim.  Here is a list of posts detailing some of the things your home insurance probably doesn’t cover.

  1. The Truth About Insurance – This is a list of seemingly odd things that home insurance may and may not cover.
  2. Griffin-Owens & Associates – This is a post that serves as a checklist for homeowners  in preparation for cold weather and warns against weather related issues that are not covered by insurance.
  3. Property Insurance Quotes – This is an interesting post about which states have the worst insurance coverage regarding natural disasters native to the state.
  4. Dr. Boyce Insurance – This post is about whether flood insurance is needed and how you should determine what is right for you and what is and is not covered.
  5. Home Insurance Agents – This is a blog post about the different types of home insurance available and what may or may not be covered under each.
  6. California Dog Bite Laws – This is a very interesting article about whether animal bites are covered under homeowners insurance.
  7. Suite101 – This is an article about how the state that you live in has a great effect on what is and is not covered in your home insurance.
  8. Ice Pack – This is an article about flooding, a natural disaster that are not typically covered by home insurance.
  9. Deadbeef – This article warns that the language in your home insurance policy can mean all the difference between items that are covered and those that are not.
  10. Basic Homeowners Insurance – This article warns consumers about assuming what their basic coverage offers as it can differ between companies and states.
  11. Personal Injury Attorney Los Angeles – This article is about animal bite coverage and if your home insurance is affected.
  12. Saving Without a Budget – This is a blog about error and omission coverage for liability and the limitations of your home insurance.
  13. World Finance News – This is a top 10 list of popular home insurance coverage myths.
  14. c-tasc – This is a post about the rising costs of home insurance and the shrinking coverage.
  15. Quote for Home Insurance – This is a blog that addresses questions about unusual circumstances that may not be covered by home insurance.
  16. Mortgage St. Louis – This is a blog that runs down what is and is not covered in policies in the St. Louis, Missouri area.
  17. Golden State Financial – This is a blog about why home insurance does not cover damage to land.
  18. Carpet Cleaning Company – This is a blog about water damage and what is not covered by home insurance.
  19. Doc Savage – This blog answers whether large appliances are covered under home insurance.
  20. Money Blog – This is a blog about whether home insurance would cover bedbug infestation.
  21. Daytona Homes for Sale – This blog explains why you may need an umbrella policy because of what your home insurance won’t cover.
  22. Emergency Food Supply Kits – This is a blog that warns about disaster preparedness and knowing what is in the fine print of your home insurance policy before it’s too late.
  23. Charleston Business – This post is about flood insurance, current legislation, and why it is not covered under home insurance.
  24. California Homeowners Insurance – This article is about what happens with insurance lapses, abandonment of property and foreclosure and what will not be covered.
  25. WTHR – This is an article about utility line insurance and why home insurance will not pay for utility lines.
  26. Faith and Finance – This is a blog post about the fine line your home insurance will walk in order to not pay for things such as a leaky roof.
  27. Homeowner – This is a post about the different types of water damage that are usually not covered by home insurance.
  28. Utah Disaster Kleenup – This is an article about different types of disasters that are partially covered or not at all by home insurance.
  29. Chumney Powell – This blog is about why floods are not covered by home insurance and the need for flood insurance exclusively.
  30. Claim Insurance – This is an informative blog about how people do not read the fine print and assume they have coverage for things they do not.
  31. Whole Life Insurance R US – This article examines common and not so common things that are not covered by home insurance and what to do about it.
  32. Universal Articles – This article examines why you may be paying too much for home insurance coverage you don’t have.
  33. Home Buying Institute – This article explains how home insurance works and what it typically will and will not cover.
  34. Kelly Smith – This is a blog article that explains what happens to your home insurance coverage after renovations and what will be covered.
  35. Williams Agency – This is a blog about what home insurance in Pennsylvania will not cover.
  36. Insurance Quotes – This is a blog that explains whether bedbugs are covered by home insurance.
  37. Felicia Williams – In this blog the author covers water damage and faulty workmanship and why there is a thin line between what is and is not covered by home insurance.
  38. Reading Chronicle – This is a surprising article about how burglary can cost you more than your belongings when your home insurance won’t cover it.
  39. ArticlesFox – This is an article about how mold affects what your home insurance will cover.
  40. Money Sense Tips – This blog explains why many states will only cover some disasters or none at all.
  41. Orlando Frasca – This is a blog about what you may not be aware that your home insurance may not cover.
  42. Hello – This is an informative blog that examines different types of home insurances and why they all cover or do not cover different things.
  43. My PennyAuctionSite – This is a blog article that warns the reader to be sure that they read the fine print of what is and is not covered in their home insurance, especially regarding disasters.
  44. Finance Xplore – This is a personal account blog about a devastating earthquake and the woes of not having the right home insurance.
  45. Bargaineering – This blog gives advice on home insurance type to avoid because of the lack of coverage.
  46. Amy Andersen – This blog reveals that having people in your home for an extended stay or a short term lease may not be covered by your home insurance and a bad idea.
  47. Financial Stock Answers – This blog has great comments and help about home insurance covering exotic pets.
  48. Trulia – This blog lists the top 5 things to know about home insurance and what it may or may not cover.
  49. Lisa Nichols – This is a great blog about what to know when buying condo insurance and what it may not cover.
  50. AmerInsur – According to this blog, very little people know exactly what is in their home insurance and assume that it covers much more than it does.

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