50 True Stories of Home Makeover Remorse

Posted November 8th, 2010
by HomeownersInsurance.org Staff (no comments)

Everyday we hear and read stories of homeowners and renters who have attempted to make improvements to their home’s structure. Some decide they would rather tackle the inside and redecorate. There are many success stories but there are just as many horror stories to tell. Many home makeover remorse stories come from homeowners who are serial decorators and purchase unnecessary items for their dwellings. Other homeowners end up hiring shady and unprofessional contractors who can create a complete nightmare for them.

Home improvement projects can go badly very quickly. Most people find themselves ready to punch the wall or give up on the project when they see their wallets getting smaller and nothing has been accomplished. Homeowners do not have to be remorseful if their makeovers are completed in a sensible cost effective way. It does not matter if the homeowner is attempting these renovations or if they decide to hire a contractor, it is important to keep these basic tips in mind.

It is important to plan the project well. A do it yourself project or renovations completed by a contractor will be sure to fail if the project is not well planned. It is important to do research and learn everything. The costs and the materials needed are important things to consider before undertaking any home makeover project. After careful consideration a homeowner may decide not complete the project alone. They may risk wasting materials or become frustrated and that always equals to a loss of money. A contractor will have to be called in to correct the mistakes.

If a contractor is hired it is essential to make sure they are reputable and reliable. It is always in the homeowner’s best interest to ask for references and to actually contact them before proceeding with hiring the contractor. An honest contractor will not mind providing this information. A homeowner should not hire the first contractor they meet.  They should hire the one they believe will help their vision come to life without a lot of problems.

There are many unexpected issues that can arise from shoddy contractor work or poor planning by a homeowner. If these tips are followed the end result from a home makeover can be much more enjoyable.

  1. Laurel Street Blog: This is a web home for the house. This blog tells stories of buyer’s remorse and serial decorating.
  2. Apartment Therapy Unplggd: This blog is for those who love technology. There are stories of regretting many television purchases and other electronics.
  3. Straighten-Up-Now:  This is a blog that discusses organization. It teaches how to makeover a home in baby steps without remorse.
  4. RemodelorMove: This site helps homeowners make the right decisions about remodeling. It lists various examples of reasons why homeowners should remodel.
  5. Canadian House and Home:  This blog is an informative site for homeowners looking to renovate. It discusses home makeovers and regrets that some homeowners have.
  6. Sound Home Resource Center:  This blog talks about nightmares of manufactured home owners. They tell stories of problems they had after purchasing their homes.
  7. Califinder Remodeling Blog:  This blog should serve as a cautionary tale for all prospective home buyer and homeowner. There are stories of inspectors and realtors who willingly leave homeowners in the dark.
  8. Klondike:  This site focuses on basement renovations. It helps educate homeowners on what to avoid during renovations.
  9. The Kitchen Blog:  This blog discusses the importance of a kitchen remodeling project increasing the value of a home. It is also talks about having a professional complete the project.
  10. OrganizingLa Blog:  This is a blog that talks about home makeover disasters. There is a story where the contractor leaves work unfinished.
  11. Mosby Building Arts:  This blog talks about deck renovations. There is a story where a family’s deck begins to crack after remodeling.
  12. Gosmetic:  This blog gives homeowners advice when hiring a contractor.
  13. JoeMaintenance:  This blog is about installation nightmares. It has stories of people attempting their own home improvements.
  14. Mark of Excellence:  This is another site that discusses home improvement nightmares. There are different stories of home contractors being prosecuted.
  15. Excellent Electrician:  This blog discusses electrical issues with home renovations.
  16. The Money Pit: This blog gives advice on finding a good contractor. It also explains the downside of hiring a bad contractor.
  17. Handy Man Fix Home Repair:  This site is dedicated to DIYers. It gives examples of common mistakes homeowners make when attempting renovations.
  18. Do It Yourself:  This blog discusses PVC pipe repair and how to install them correctly.
  19. How to fix Your Stuff: This site discusses common do-it-yourself mistakes. There are stories of people being creative with home renovations.
  20. My House Home Repair:  This is a creative homeowners’ blog. They share their adventures of remodeling their home.
  21. Wise Bread:  This blog is dedicated to homeowners who like to complete their own makeover projects. It also discusses avoiding costly mistakes.
  22. Home Repair | Home Improvement & Interior Design Blogs:  Homeowners can learn about interior design. It also talks about minimizing mistakes when completing projects.
  23. Home Improvement Time:  This blog describes home improvement options. It also explains how to install laminate flooring.
  24. Home Repairs for the Whole Family:  This blog discusses how to involve the entire family in remodeling projects. It also explains how to avoid shady contractors.
  25. Home Envy:  This blog may cause laughter or shock. Different readers share their makeover experiences.
  26. Rocky Mountain Bathrooms:  This site explains how to avoid a bad remodeling experience by offering the homeowner 10 thing to avoid.
  27. Renovators Place:  Homeowners will learn how to avoid mistakes when renovating their kitchens with islands.
  28. Mineeds:  This site helps homeowners avoid home improvement mistakes by describing what they should be looking for.
  29. Arnone Building and Remodeling, Inc.:  This site exposes unprofessional contractors and what a homeowner should be looking out for.
  30. Build Improve:  This blog discusses how a homeowner should respond when a contractor wants to cut corners.
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  32. MMPCIA:  This blog discusses frequent home remodeling mistakes.
  33. Mega Builders:  This site discusses home renovations after water and fire damage.  It gives homeowners advice.
  34. Remodel Estimates:  This site has articles that are dedicated to helping the homeowner make the correct decision when completing a whole house renovation.
  35. Cool Serve:  This site has information that helps homeowners learn about cooling systems for their homes.
  36. Chesapeake Hydro Wash:  Some homeowners will benefit from learning about pressure washing their homes. They will also learn how to choose the correct contractor.
  37. Concrete Network: Contractors can also mess up your flooring. This site discusses that and shows homeowners ways that can repair the damage.
  38. Home Furnish:  This site gives a quick education on choosing a professional contractor.
  39. Your Cheap Home:  This article lets homeowners know the correct things to ask before hiring a contractor.
  40. Signature Contractors:  A lot of people have decided to install solar panels in their homes. This site describes the correct to install them.
  41. All City Improvements:  This site helps residents in Minneapolis choose a reliable roofing contractor.
  42. Whole House Fan:  This site talks about the mistakes homeowners make when choosing a cooling system for their home.
  43. Neighborhood Home Services:  This site is a guide to home improvement projects.
  44. House-N-Home-Building:  This site has newsletters that give advice to homeowners about renovations.
  45. CT Home Network:  This site helps homeowners in Connecticut choose professional and honest contractors.
  46. Spokane Builder:  This site helps potential homeowners with home building advice.
  47. Face Your Kitchen:  Re-facing kitchen counters are important in adding value to a kitchen. This site gives advice to homeowners about re-facing kitchen cabinets.
  48. Spray Foam Direct: Some homeowners may choose to use spray foam for their installation needs. This site shows how to install it correctly.
  49. Home Improvement Corner:  This site is all about bathroom renovations and how they can be done easily and without mistakes.
  50. Jim Salmon: This site helps homeowners learn about how home inspections are supposed to be conducted.

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