7 Bizarre Designer Showers for Your Modern Home

Posted May 30th, 2012
by Isabell Davila (no comments)

To some, the shower may be a 10-minute solution to personal hygiene, as a means to start off the day. To others, a shower is a relaxing experience worthy of its amenities. For the latter crowd, these over-the-top designer showers may be for you. With sleek interfaces, multiple functionalities, and a hefty price tag, designer showers take the mundane idea of a shower head and stall and turn it into a port of luxury. Complete your contemporary home with one of these testaments to modern design.


  1. The Egg Shower

    The Egg Shower by Arina Komarova is a stall shower shaped like an egg that completely cocoons you inside its walls. Once sealed off, the Egg Shower can be enabled as either a bath or typical shower. The showerhead is “rain style,” located on the ceiling of the structure. The bath feature has jacuzzi jets and hydro massage. Mood lighting can be implemented as well. The glass panels can be removed to have a more open air shower experience as well. Sadly, the Egg Shower is still just a design concept, but it may be an idea as to the future of shower installation.


  3. The Dyno

    The Dyno, by Moredesign, is a designer shower with the option for solar-activation. The shower has a patented system built in that reduces the amount of harmful bacteria that grow in your shower, enabling a cleaner, contaminate-free experience. It comes in a wide variety of colors and can be installed indoors as your regular shower or outdoors beside the pool. As a poolside shower, use it to rinse off dirt before entering the pool or to rinse off chlorine after a swim. The drip-free showerhead is complete with a system that enables you to save 50% of water normally used for a shower. The base is designed to easily keep sand out of the foot area.


  5. The Sunshower

    The ProSun Sunshower enables you to tan your body while completing your daily showering ritual. Much like a regular tanning bed, the shower has a built in UV light spectrum that mimics a real sun, but it is much gentler so that it is less harmful to the skin than some highly concentrated tanning beds can be. The shower helps dose your body with vitamin D, which is helpful for mood and enabling the production of calcium and phosphorus in the body. The UV component can be adjusted for timing and intensity, depending on the person’s individual skin type and sensitivity.


  7. The Omega

    Pininfarina’s Omega shower is a highly contemporary cubicle shower. A teak wood seat provides ergonomical support. A steam shower may be activated to open the pores and detoxify. There is also a vertical hydro massage. Not only can showering be accomplished with a handheld shower head and a overhead raindrop shower head, but there is also a waterfall shower head. You may also use the shower for aromatherapy by adding essential oil to a built-in tray beside the steaming nozzle. Pininfarina also designs Italian luxury cars, and the shower’s design mimics the sleek aesthetic of a sport car.


  9. The Loop

    The Italian design firm Idiha designed the Loop shower, which is a giant, ceramic loop structure with jets built in to the sides so that it can propel water at you from all directions. A single shower head is installed in the top of the loop while nozzles on the sides of the structure are aimed strategically at your upper and lower body so that complete water immersion is possible while standing. The multi-sensory system is meant to be therapeutic, and the shower was designed to be adaptable for indoors or outdoors. The loop has interior mood lighting which emits a soft, pink glow.


  11. Roca Active & Relax Bathroom

    Modern design is all about the marriage between form and function, and it’s even better when there are multiple functions involved. Michal Mitek has designed an entire bathroom space that duels as a personal gym. In the center of the room, a shower head can be found that emits from the ceiling. The floorboards below drain the water into the sunken bath, which can be accessed by peeling back the wooden boards. One of the bathroom walls is covered entirely by an LCD screen, which can show videos that simulate panoramic views of your choice as well as any other video you deem worthy. And if you close the floorboards back up, the space can be used for exercise. Simply pop in your favorite aerobics video to display on the LCD screen wall.


  13. The Horizontal

    For mornings when you find yourself nodding off in the shower, the Horizontal is for you. Designed by Dornbracht, the Horizontal is precisely as it sounds — a shower made for lying down. The shower features a large, stone slab that the user lays down on, while a line of shower bars spray water down from above all along the slab. The temperature and water pressure for each showerhead are entirely customizable, allowing for total comfort and relaxation. The shower bars come with pre-programmed choreographies as well, and much like the fountains at the Bellagio hotel, can be activated and turned off at varying patterns. Some of the presets include “Balancing”, “Energizing”, and “De-Stressing.”

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