8 Most Trusted Home Improvement Experts

Posted June 11th, 2012
by Isabell Davila (no comments)

Whether you want to remodel your home, fix a leaky faucet, or reinvent a room, seeking expert advice from a reputable home improvement specialist is a must. Put your next home improvement project in the hands of a top-rated contractor to ensure long lasting results and quality of work. Here are some of the most trusted home improvement experts in America.


  1. Bob Vila

    A prominent name in the home improvement industry, Bob Vila is one of the most trusted contractors in America because of his expertise in home renovations. From 1979 to 1989 he was the host for This Old House where he completely renovated old and historic homes. He went on to host several other shows including Bob Vila’s Home Again, Bob Vila, and Restore America with Bob Vila. He has also written more than a dozen books on rehabilitating homes and other home improvement guides. Today, Bob is launching a new pilot series entitled Building Green, where he educates home owners on the newest green building technologies. Besides appearing on regular television, he is well-versed in carpentry tools, using his knowledge to create his own line of tools, now featured at Sears and the Home Shopping Network. Bob frequently answers any questions homeowners may have online at his webpage, Twitter account, and other social media outlets.


  3. Tom Silva

    Tom Silva has been renovating homes since he was a child, working with his father and brother. Their first project was installing a basement fallout shelter underneath their 1787 colonial home in Massachusetts. With decades of experience in remodeling, renovation, and restoration, Silva has hosted the show This Old House for more than 25 years, contributed to home improvement magazines, and published books. Silva is now a practicing contractor in Boston; he founded his own company, Silva Brothers Construction where he works alongside his brother and nephew.


  5. Karl Champley

    Award winning master builder, building consultant, and environmental home inspector Karl Champley has earned notoriety in the building industry for his projects in residential and commercial construction. Starting off as an apprentice carpenter, he soon gained certificates in structural engineering, earning his master builders license. In 1990, he started his own business, KJC Building Services, earning the Australian Achiever award in 2001. Since then, Karl has been featured on the DIY Network, HGTV, DIY To The Rescue, and Wasted Spaces. He is a great source when it comes to any carpentry needs and advice in the home renovation industry, even judging home improvement competitions across the U.S., Canada, and Australia.


  7. Danny Lipford

    A veteran remodeling contractor, Danny Lipford has been helping homeowners with both small and large projects for many years. As host and executive producer of the show, Today’s Homeowner With Danny Lipford, and the radio show Homefront With Danny Lipford, he provides expert tips and advice on the home improvement process. He has also contributed to The New York Times, Better Homes & Gardens, and other publications, offering guidance on a variety of home topics including design, materials, and key renovation decisions. One of his specialties is demonstrating a variety of “How-to” projects in studio and on location. He has been a home improvement contributor to The Early Show on CBS for more than a decade.


  9. Paul F. Ryan

    A nationally recognized home improvement expert, licensed contractor, home inspector, and insurance adjustor, Ryan has all the experience needed to be the ultimate handy-man. He’s hosted several television shows on the DIY Network, TLC, and HGTV, where he shares his knowledge of carpentry, home remodeling, plumbing, and other aspects of construction. Today, he is a regular and reliable source in newspapers, magazines, TV shows, and online home improvement websites.


  11. Ron Hazelton

    Offering expert home improvement advice, safety concerns, and design/repair issues on The Oprah Winfrey Show and Inside Edition, Ron was actually the pioneer of reality-based, on-location home improvement television when he hosted The House Doctor in 1989. The series was so successful, it ran for more than 200 episodes; then aired for many years after on HGTV. Today, he delivers instant solutions, advice, and how-to content online on his webpage. His simple, straightforward format of instruction has been a hit among home improvement enthusiasts.


  13. Mike Holmes

    Today’s host of HGTV’s Holmes on Holmes, Mike shares his expert knowledge on home repairs, managing large renovations, new-home construction, and sustainability issues. He’s built hurricane resistant homes in New Orleans and trained youth in skilled trades through apprenticeships. He’s also written two successful books and contributes to a weekly newspaper column.


  15. John Gidding

    After earning his masters in architecture from Harvard, Gidding went on to open his own design firm, John Gidding Design Inc. His portfolio includes impressive projects like Union Square in New York, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and the master campus plan for Carnegie Mellon University. Now a host for HGTV’s show, Designed to Sell and Curb Appeal: The Block, he offers invaluable design and technical advice for any home or landscape improvement needs.

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