Student Resources: The Essential Homework Tools

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Students of any age can find themselves struggling with assignments, with little to no idea that the Internet can help them out. However, it’s important to ensure that the information is accurate and useful. Features like online quizzes, interactive media, ask-an-expert forums and visual learning displays enhance classroom knowledge and can help your student master a tricky or problematic subject. The following lists contains helpful resources and study aids for middle school and high school students.

Middle School Multi-Subject Study Aids

Monroe Virtual Middle School: This middle school, designed in online format for homeschoolers, offers a resource page for its students. Numerous links are included to sites about art, biology, math, language arts, chemistry, geography, health and others. This valuable website offers nearly 100 free articles on study skills and focuses on note taking, test taking, memory aids, language arts and math. Study tips by students can help provide practical advice for students who want to improve their grades.

Florida Virtual Middle School: Another school that is designed for homeschooling families, this school’s resource page is packed with links that will grab middle schoolers’ wandering attention. Subjects taught as rap music, National Geographic interactive media, online quizzes and research tutorials are just a few of its offerings.

High School Math Study Aids

Mathbits: While Mathbits offers subscription-based e-learning options, there are also many free resources available. Fun and challenging activities and lessons are listed for pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus. TI-84+ calculator lessons are also included, which can be useful for any high school math student.

SOSMath: Operated by a group of mathematicians calling themselves the Math Medics, this website delves deeply into high school math. Short, easily understood explanations are provided for a wide range of topics, from the quadratic equation to differential equations to the Fourier series. This site is available in English and Spanish, and includes message boards, helpful external links and an ask-an-expert feature. Topics featured among its detailed reference tables include discrete and linear vectors, polynomials and exponents, statistics, graphing and functions.

High School Science Study Aids

Bill Nye the Science Guy: Aside from the television show that high schoolers may fondly remember, Bill Nye’s website also offers useful study tools. Videos of experiments and printable instructions are provided, as well as pop quizzes. Searchable episode guides allow access to the show’s archives.

Exploratorium: San Francisco’s museum of science operates this website, which offers unique learning opportunities for students. Instructions with background information and a supply list are provided for hundreds of experiments that can be easily done at home.

The Why Files: Combining science with current events, this website explains the science behind the news. Funded by the National Science Foundation and maintained at the University of Wisconsin, this resource publishes a new, in-depth article each week and also features interactive animations and an exhaustive image library.

High School Language Arts Study Aids

CliffsNotes: The ever-popular little yellow books’ content is also available online and optimized for smartphones and tablets. Free study guides of all major works of literature are provided, plus articles on grammar, writing and foreign language.

SparkNotes: Offering critical analysis of over 500 titles, SparkNotes also includes pop quizzes with its study guides. Another popular feature is its No Fear Shakespeare guide, which provides plain-English translations to the difficult language found in Shakespeare’s works.

Language Arts Guide: Developed as a resource guide for Kennesaw State University students, this page boasts a wealth of links to study aids, grammar guides, citation aids, writing assistance and poetry analyses. Comprehensive cyber study guides are available for any reading material today’s high school students will encounter.

General Study Skills This web resource contains information that is useful for students of any age. Tools that assist with library research, note-taking, goals and motivation and test anxiety are only a few of the available options. The site also features a lengthy list of subject-specific study guides.

StudyNotesHelp: Focusing on practical study techniques, the site’s articles on reading comprehension, memory recall, effective skimming, chapter review and technical texts can help students improve classroom performance. Other sections include material on test-taking, term papers and the art of delivering a speech.

Skills4Study: This site’s engaging graphics contain a great deal of useful information for students in high school or college. The fully interactive media content in the study skills section covers learning strategies, exams, IT skills, critical thinking and writing.

Tomas Rivera Center: Originally developed as a resource for students at the University of Texas in San Antonio, this site features a comprehensive list of useful links for students anywhere. Time management tips, a course schedule planner, cures for procrastination, multiple citation guides and test preparation assistance are among its offerings.

Test Preparation Study Aids

SpeedyPrep: This online resource prepares high school students to take the subject-specific  College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams, which can be used for college credit in some cases. SpeedyPrep is entirely online and available as a monthly subscription; one subscription fee allows study access to all CLEP exam materials.

StudyGuideZone: This resource offers preparation material for the ACT and SAT college entrance exams, as well as specialized entrance exams for most graduate-level programs. The site is free and contains strategies for multiple-choice questions, reading comprehension exercises, sample tests, practice questions and downloadable flash cards.

College Board: Free practice tests, sample questions and study guides for the SAT and Advanced Placement (AP) exams are provided at this site. Twenty sample subject tests for the SAT are available, as well as scoring data. An online SAT prep course is available for purchase that contains lessons, quizzes, instant essay scoring and 10 practice tests.

Princeton Review: The gold standard in test preparation and boasting the industry’s highest scores, Princeton Review’s online for-purchase offerings include preparation for all major examinations, including AP, ACT, SAT and graduate program entrance exams. Online-only test preparation is available for SAT entrance exams.

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