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Posted June 7th, 2010
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There are any number of reasons that you might have a hard time getting your homeowners insurance company to cover you. It could be that the home has faulty construction. You could be affected by a situation like many folks were in Florida and Louisiana where a bad batch of drywall was used to build your home. Insurance companies can be sticklers when it comes to certain existing or potential defects in a home. Some homes just aren’t worth the risk to the insurance company.

Then again, your home might just be haunted.

Take, for example, the infamous Amityville Horror house. This is the home of Ronald DeFeo Jr. Its story was made famous in the movie of the same name. It’s now up for sale.

When this five-bedroom house located on Long Island first went up for sale after DeFeo shot six of his family members in their sleep in 1974, the price tag was a mere $55,000. That’s a heck of a deal on such a large house, especially on Long Island.

Even by 1997, as things sort of settled down after more than 20 years, the house sold for $310,000, below the market value of similar homes in the area.

Today, however, the stigma seems to be gone. The newly renovated Amityville Horror house is back on the market, and it has a hefty price tag. The owners are asking for $1.15 million.

The house has inspired a series of films, as well as a book. Probably the most famous of these is the 1979 classic The Amityville Horror, starring Margo Kider and James Brolin. The movie tells the story of a family that stayed in the Amityville Horror house during the years after the murders. The Lutz family actually lived in the house, and they eventually lost that house to foreclosure.

Some former owners even changed the address of the home to protect their privacy. The house was renumbered 108 Ocean Avenue from 112 by James and Barbara Cromarty, who lived in the house between 1977 and 1987. The home was sold again in 1997 to the current owner.

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  • Posted June 7th, 2010 by Home Insurance CA at 3:31 pm - Reply

    Covering a home that has a stigma attached whether a murder took place there, it is believed to be haunted or was part of a civil war dispute is going to be tough. It is possible to cover these homes and get great rates. Nowadays insurance companies are less relectant to turn down business. So get on the phone and start calling.

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