Student Resources: The Back to School Basics

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Starting a new school year can be a difficult time for students and their parents. Remembering all the math and Spanish forgotten over the summer, attending a new school, dealing with new social pressures, the list goes on and on. Simply put: most families struggle to get back into the school groove. Luckily there are a number of great websites available to help make the transition easier:

Transition Tips
College Prep Guide has advice on preparing for college from middle school through senior year.

How to Make Homework Less Work offers tips for organizing your time, space and resources so homework is less frustrating.

Note-Taking Tips teaches older students the best techniques for taking and using study notes.

Starting High School provides an overview on what to expect when you begin high school.

Studying for Tests identifies the best study techniques for different kinds of tests.

What to Expect has four separate sites for each grade, 9-12, to give students a heads-up on what the next grade will be like.


Tools provides a number of tools for the math student, including the amazing equation calculator.

Babelxl translates English words to and from over 30 languages including Arabic, Chinese, French, German and Spanish.

Grammar Handbook explains and illustrates basic grammatical rules. provides homework help, tutoring, calculators and tools from basic math through calculus.

Merriam-Webster Online offers a free and comprehensive dictionary and thesaurus.

WebElements has an interactive online periodic table.


Bartlett’s Quotations has the 10th edition (1919) of the storied collection of famous quotes.

Bulfinch’s Mythology offers a survey of world myths including Roman, Eastern and Norse, as well as the tales of King Arthur and Charlemagne.

Fact Monster offers perhaps the best site for help with homework and studying including an almanac, atlas, homework center, timelines and an excellent encyclopedia.

Gray’s Anatomy provides comprehensive illustrations of human anatomy.


Shopping Guides
Back to School Fashion Trends are identified in the Huffington Post.

Clothes Shopping Tips has a step-by-step guide to getting the most out of your wardrobe budget. offers coupons and discounts on school supplies.

EZSchoolSupplies sells everything from crayons to backpacks for grades K-12.

High School Supply List identifies everything needed for high school success.

Office Depot offers free delivery of school supply orders of $50 or more.


Teen Life
Book Nerd Blog has 16 year-old Bri’s reviews of young adult novels, music, movies and T.V.

Channel One News covers all the latest news important to teens.

High School Humor helps teens lighten up and laugh at the thrill, anguish and novelty of high school life.

Style Rookie has Tavi Gevinson’s unique take on all the things she likes.

Teen Fashion Diary offers Mary Manaila’s style musings.

Teen Ink features reviews of video games, movies, books and music written by teens.

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