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Posted March 29th, 2010
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Let the grill masters rejoice! Grilling season has commenced. It is time for coolers to be stuffed with ice and brews and grills to sizzle and smoke. Want to make that first BBQ a great one? Let’s take a quick look at how to make a great BBQ that will make you the hero of the day while avoiding a trip to see your homeowners insurance agent.

Keep a variety of music playing

The easiest thing to keep people enjoying a party is the music. You will need to have some variety in music here. You might not like pop music, but there is bound to be someone at the party who does. Get a nice variety of music and let the tunes play all night. Besides, we all know you are really at not using the full amount of MP3 player you got.

Offer more than just burgers and dogs

Time to address a misconception of grill gods. Burger, brats, and hotdogs make an OK BBQ. Throw in some shish kabobs, chicken, fish, or even grilled veggies and you will ascend to the height of Mount Olympus as the Grill God. Seriously. People can make burgers and dogs at home. Spice up that grill with some variety.

Drinking variety is the spice of life

We know what you’re thinking: what else do you need besides a good cold beer with a BBQ? Well, if there are kids there they won’t be able to enjoy the crispness of mountain-filtered goodness. Ensuring you have water and other various drink types will go a long way. You could even ask people to bring their own drinks. Just don’t go restricting people to licking out of the same toilet your dog drinks from. You might upset your dog.

Have the room for your guests

Make sure that you have room to accommodate all of your guests. This will include enough room for people to sleep in the event that the party gets crazy and the red solo cups are flowing a-plenty. The floor sucks as bed, but it is better than a dirt nap. If people need to sleep it off, give them your bed if need be. That is just good hostage.

Make sure there is room for everyone to park as well. Parking on your front lawn might not be an option. Let your neighbors know that there will be an excess of cars as well. It is the good neighbor thing to do, and they will know to come to your house to ask someone to move when they park in a bad manner.

Designated driver are full of win

This one has to be said: Alcoholic beverage means you need to be ever vigilant. It sucks to be the beer cop, but you don’t want someone getting into an accident with your mailbox, or worse. Make sure there are designated drivers. Making sure everyone leaves your smoker palace is the key to more successful parties. We are pretty sure everyone from guest to your homeowners insurance agent will be forever grateful to you.

Just a bit of forethought can go a long way in a fun and successful BBQ. Fire up those grills and throw a few drinks in the cooler. It is time for some good summer fun. Just keep everyone safe and you homeowners insurance will thank you. Now, get grilling!

Photo via D’Arcy Norman

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