Cutting Crazy Diaper Costs Is Easier Than You Think

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First-time parenting is a frantic adventure. Amidst the sleepless nights, joyful moments, and many new discoveries, parents have to learn a few skills – some very quickly! One of the most infamous skills is diaper and bottom management. Between worrying about diaper rash and learning the fastest way to switch messy diapers on the go, many first-time parents forget to think about how much they are paying for diapers.

Luckily for frugal parents, buying diapers is the perfect opportunity to keep costs down. It is easy to spend more than $50 a month on diapers, but you do not need to! So when the time comes to choose diapers for your baby, keep a few cost-saving tips in mind – or better yet, spare your frazzled mind and write them down.


Cloth Does Save Money: The traditional cloth diaper is work-intensive. You have to maintain a constantly revolving set of cloth versions, making sure you do a good job of washing them often and well. Getting rid of waste can get messy – no matter how skilled your diaper-changing skills might be. However, even considering the cost of extra washings and the time spent in carefully removing and cleaning diapers, cloth is probably less expensive than disposable. Quality cloth diapers with plastic bottoms can last far longer than disposal varieties, turning many monthly purchases into only one or two manageable expenses. If you really want to dive into cost-comparing, there are also services you can pay to collect, wash, and return your cloth diapers for you.


Look for Discounts – Everywhere: Since diapers are such a common purchase, they are also a target for discounts, especially in weekly supermarket inserts. So study newspapers, ask fellow parents about discounts, and pay attention to advertisements that offer the best diaper prices. And do not let your search stop at in-store bargains; there are also plenty of internet options. frequently offers discounts that can offset any shipping costs you would otherwise incur. You could also join the Amazon Mom program and earn immediate, significant discounts on diaper products and other infant-oriented supplies – although long-term membership does have some costs.


Ignore the Name: Brand names can be difficult to ignore. They rely on colorful packaging plastered with happy baby faces. But if you are serious about saving money, look past the labeling and search all the diaper options, even the generic brands. Not all generic brands cost less than major brands like Huggies and Pampers (Frugal Mama has a comparison exploring this), but many do. So only use the packaging to read about the diapers features, how many diapers are in the box, and what the price per diaper works out to be.


Extra Features Are Not So Important: Those bright labels also love to shout out their latest features. Extra comfort and absorbency are two frequent claims – but these are typically just marketing efforts designed to bring in more buyers. Don’t be distracted. Modern diapers already benefit from decades of research and improvement. Paying more for extra absorbency is almost always unnecessary. Paying more for any feature is probably a mistake. If an extra quality looks particularly attractive, hold off and research the opinions of parents and buyers to find out if it really works or if the extra expense is worth it.


Remember to Buy in Bulk: Buying in bulk can help you save no matter what is on your list! This is especially true when it comes to buying many types of diapers. So visit your local wholesale traders and buy the big packages…as long as you are willing to do a little math first. If you cannot find your inexpensive brand in bulk, make sure the bulk savings outweighs the savings you would earn by buying several boxes of your favorite cost-cutting brand.


Experiment: Other ways exist to reduce diaper costs, but many are unique to your situation! Feel free to experiment with different features, cloth diapers, and materials to find what works best for your baby while still saving money. Sometimes the best method is to choose the cheapest diapers and work up until you find a version that saves money while avoiding rashes, leaks, and louder-than-usual complaints.


Keep On Saving

Saving money on diapers is just one of the ways you can store up more money for the things that matter (hey, it’s never too early to think about college). Apply the same techniques when you shop for other suppliers, from clothes and formula to toys and baby food. Companies often try to take advantage of new parents with ridiculous prices and empty features. Dodge the trap by keeping your eyes peeled for ways to cut costs! You know – between naps.

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