Five Great Movie Homes That Ended In Rubble

Posted March 15th, 2010
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rubbleMovies have a great way of showing us just how quickly things can go boom. Explosions appear to be a pre-requisite for any action film. They drive the destruction point home with their fiery visuals. Some of the best places to get destroyed are homes the very homes that the movie takes place in.

Here is a list of some of the best homes that end up in pieces:

Batman Begins

Batman Begins was a great departure from all the Batman movies before it. This one took us down a darker road. The neon lights, bright flashy colors of movies past are no more. This movie also brought us a new Wayne Manor. Wayne Manor was like a small castle. It even included an underground cavern that could easily be turned into the Bat cave. Sadly, this beautiful stone mansion gets the rubble treatment as well. I wonder if Mr. Wayne has a good homeowners insurance agent?

Independence Day

Aliens have come to take over the world. It all began on one nice quiet morning. Alien ships positioned themselves over landmark buildings. One of these building was the White House. The home of our presidents is destroyed in a quick and simple blast. This was probably one of the most iconic movie scenes from the 1990s.


Ah, Swordfish. A grand movie on computer hacking, plus you get to see Hugh Jackman as someone other than Wolverine. The scene in this movie is not so much a homecoming to the ground, but several buildings getting the ball bearing decorative touch. We have a hostage with a few pounds of C4 and ball bearings strapped to their chest. The hostage is pulled away and boom goes the bomb. The reason this makes the list is because of the mad use of surround sound. We are inundated with explosions, glass, and bearings flying all over. Good thing we get to see this scene twice during the movie!

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie made a great movie couple in this movie. The fight they have in their home was both action-packed and sexy. This movie is worth watching if for nothing more than to watch these two battle it out in their house. Nothing is safe in a battle of the lovers.

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Let’s all just face it now. One of the most memorable explosions of all time is the Death Star. This is the home of the beloved Darth Vader. Mr. Vader was just enjoying a warm spot of tea when that mean old Luke comes in and blows the place up. The image of this iconic structure being blown to smithereens is one that has stuck with many children into their adult years. You know that Darth Vader would have no problems with his homeowners claim.

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