Five Movie Homes You Want to Live In

Posted June 2nd, 2010
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Movies provide a wealth of imagination. Everything huge amounts of technology to extravagating setups litter the screen. While you homeowners insurance may never cover you in one of these homes, it sure is nice to daydream. Here are a few sweet homes to dream about living in.

Pee-Wee’s Playhouse

Regardless of what you thing of the show, this is one fun house. How many people can claim to have a genie next to a talking chair? Top that off with talking fish, a machine that has breakfast at the ready, and some crazy colors just put this all over the top.

Beetle Juice House

Beetle Juice has one crazy home. Doors to the underworld, sculptures that come to life and sandworms are the icing to this house. If drawing a chalk door means you can get to and from the underworld, imagine how fast you could get to a deserted island with the correct door placement. The only downside is that completely creepy Beetle Juice guy living in the scale model of the town.

Wayne Manor

Bruce Wayne has one heck of a mansion. This mansion might not have all the cool tech of other home, but it can hold its own when it comes to beauty. Marble and high-end wood adorn this palace like sugar flows in the Wonka factory.

This only leads to the bat cave of course. Here technology freaks can enjoy super computers and the latest military technology. The Tumbler only makes the whole package complete.

Tony Stark’s Mansion

Why does the man who dons an iron suit make the list? Why because Tony lives in a fact palatial estate, that’s why! Tony Stark’s mansion is full of technology that we have yet to see in real life. This is truly the home for gadget lovers.

Tony’s mansion sits on a set of rocks overlooking the ocean. His home comes fully automated with the likes of Jarvis. Jarvis controls everything from the doors to the tinting on the windows.

Tony also has one heck of a garage. Sports cars from all over litter the floor. If exotics are not your cup of tea, Tony also has some American muscle that he likes to tinker with as well. In fact, the hot rod red of the Iron Man suit is all because of this love for his American Muscle car.

Hatfield House (Laura Croft’s Mansion)

Laura has one of the biggest homes of any action hero. This is only compounded when you take into account she has a full training ground in her basement. The training facility comes complete with a danger room and robots that want to kill you.

After a fun time running for your life you could step outside and walk around fat gardens. If this seems like a bore, why not strap into a harness and bungee jump all over your living room. This house is full of win. Now if only you could get Laura as the butler for the home as well.

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