Folk Wisdom and How to Flout It

Posted September 6th, 2010
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Down through the ages, those of us who speak the English language have been handed down many homey pearls of wisdom which we would all generally do well to live by. Just like it makes sense to buy homeowners insurance to protect the investment of your home, it pays to follow good advice to protect ourselves from the consequences of foolishness. But every once in a while, even the wisest person feels the need to be a smart ass and flout the rules. Here are some examples of when you might want to go against the grain with traditional wisdom:

  • “Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones,” unless, of course, they have really good homeowners insurance. If your coverage is good, of course, and you don’t mind paying the deductibles, it might be a great way to get new windows. Of course, if your house is glass, we suppose that would mean getting a whole new house.
  • “A stitch in time saves nine,” unless of course, you want to be (or at least look like) a rock star. We mean, really, have you noticed that it costs twice as much money to buy a pair of “distressed” jeans than it does to buy a regular pair of jeans with no holes in them? From now on, save yourself some money and buy your kids the regular jeans and tell them to get their asses outside to play so they can put their own holes in the jeans.
  • “A penny saved is a penny earned,” but if you hurry up and use your pennies to get gas before the weekend hits, you can get it for 30 or 40 cents per gallon cheaper. With the prices of everything going up and savings account interest rates still abysmally low, you might want to go ahead and spend that penny. Assuming, that is, that you can find anything you can actually buy for a penny.

Of course, on a serious note, it’s usually better to go ahead and choose the path of wisdom most of the time. These sayings have endured for years because they carry deep truth. So, save your pennies, patch your tears, and for God’s sake, put those rocks back down before somebody gets hurt.

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