Get Ready to Replace Your Toilet

Posted April 29th, 2010
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If you’re like most folks, you probably don’t consider yourself enough of a home improvement expert to mess with plumbing or with electrical wiring. In fact, in some areas, if you do make changes to your wiring and plumbing and don’t have the right kinds of certifications, you may cause problems for your homeowners insurance. That said, replacing your toilet is probably a lot easier than you think, and may be an option you want to consider.

Why replace your Toilet?

There might be a number of reasons you’d consider replacing your toilet. You might have water damage because of a leaky wax ring. The body of the toilet might become cracked or damaged. You might want to switch to a low-flow toilet. It may be that you want to replace your floor tile, or that you want to remodel your bathroom.

Types of Toilets

Choosing a new toilet can be a fun process. You can pick from stainless steel or china. You can pick a number of colors. You may choose between an elongated bowl or a round bowl. There are dual flush and single flush toilets. Some are wall mounted and some are floor mounted. Some use pressure to flush and some use gravity.

Get the right tools and parts

You don’t want to start your project and get halfway through, only to find that you need a bunch of parts. Make sure you have a shut-off valve, a braided supply connector, and a wax ring or a flexible ring before you start the replacement process.

Know the process

There are about a dozen steps to removing your old toilet, from turning off the water to removing the bolts to removing leftover wax. None of them are especially complicated. In fact, the removal part is easier than the installation.

When you actually install the toilet, you need to use a little bit more in the way of technique. You’ll want to make sure it’s level, and use shims if they are necessary. You’ll also need to take care attaching the shut-off valve and connector. Still, with a little bit of effort, you can be up and flushing in no time.

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