Get That Home Ready for Spring

Posted March 25th, 2010
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Ahhh! Spring is finally coming. The birds are singing, the snow is melting, and they yard is, well, in need of major love. Winter has taken its toll on your home and it is now time to get it ready for a few months of warm weather. Let’s take a look at a few things that will keep your home and (and your homeowners insurance agent) happy:

  1. Clean those gutters. You might have taken the time to clean the gutters in the fall, but they still need your attention. Sticks and leaves could have built back up over the winter. If you live in a place that gets hammered by snow, now is the perfect time to ensure the gutters are still hanging properly. Ice and snow are heavier on those gutters than you might think. Your homeowners insurance premiums will thank you when you don’t have to put in a claim for all new gutters or a new roof thanks to this due diligence.
  2. Take the storm windows off. With all the warm weather, people want to start getting that winter funk out of their homes. Those people who snuggled up their homes will now need to unsnuggle them. While taking off your storm windows, check the frames for these windows. You want to ensure they are both still in good condition, and that they did not shift around to a point they will get caught on the soon to be opening windows.
  3. Check that roof. One of the biggest issues that face those of you in the Northern reaches is all the snow and ice that hit over the winter. You don’t want to have to visit the homeowners insurance office to put in a claim for a whole new house. So, get into the attic and check the underside for holes or leaks. If you don’t have an attic, carefully get on that roof and look for oddities. A properly-trained professional should then inspect anything that comes up looking like a concern.
  4. Clean the siding. This one item might seem a bit odd, but needs to be done regardless. Cleaning the siding not only keeps that house looking better than your neighbor’s house, but it also keeps mold and moss from forming on your siding. There are even soaps specially designed to help with this task. It might not seem important at first, but it will keep your home happy.
  5. Clean the windows. Yup, time to get out that Windex and go to town. Come on now, it is spring outside and you want to let that sun penetrate into your home. A little bit of sunlight is good for the mind and good for the soul. That, and it keeps all the gunk that’s built up out of sight of your impending BBQ guests.

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