Homeowner’s Insurance Dispute

Posted February 9th, 2010
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argumentKMBC-TV out of Kansas City, MO, reported a homeowner’s insurance dispute between homeowner Kyle Hendricks and American Family Insurance.

If you go into Hendrick’s attic, you’ll find leaks from holes in the roof.  So many leaks, in fact, that the homeowner has set up several plastic containers to collect all the water coming through the roof. He empties them every day.


The origins of the leaks were a hailstorm in the summer of 2009.

“It was just, like, golf balls hitting the house, hitting the awnings, wind and whistling through,” said Heather Shanks, Hendricks’ wife.

After the storm passed the couple inspected the roof to check out the damage. Soon an insurance claim adjuster did the same.

Roof Damage Repair Estimate Differences

The adjuster put the cost to repair the roof damage at $3,600. The homeowners hired an independent appraiser who put the cost at close to $13,000—the price of a new roof.

To resolve the dispute, both the homeowner’s and American Family Insurance brought in what’s called an umpire. This person was someone who is in the roofing business. He took a look at the roof and ended up agreeing with the insurance company.

Currently, as far as the insurance company is concerned, the matter is over. A company spokesperson told KMBC that they’re sorry the homeowner’s are not happy. However, they feel strongly that they are in the right. They relied on the inspection by the umpire who was agreed to on both sides.

The homeowner’s have not yet decided on their next steps. They caution other homeowners to make sure they understand not only their homeowner’s policy, but also how the insurance company they’re purchasing it from operates.

Photo via Daniela Vladmirova

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