Is Mother Nature Turning on Us: A Look at Recent Natural Disasters

Posted April 30th, 2012
by Isabell Davila (no comments)

There are many people who believe that the world will soon be coming to an end and that all of the natural disasters that have been occurring are among the first signs. Whether you believe this idea or not is up to you; however, it is hard to deny the fact that Mother Nature seems to be a little mad lately. It seems that every day when we turn on the news we are listening to a new report of hundreds to thousands of people losing everything they love in a disaster. Maybe we can all learn from these stories and prepare ourselves better in the future.


Tornadoes in the States

Though we can all agree that there have been a lot of natural disasters across the United States, one main problem that has been hitting hard recently are tornadoes. It seems that nobody is safe anymore and the Midwest and some southern states are among the most recent victims. In early March a series of deadly tornadoes ripped through 10 states. It is estimated that 32 people were killed throughout the storms in Mississippi, Tennessee, Illinois, Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia. This storm is one of the country’s largest ever recorded to date. The storms brought about more than 95 reported tornadoes and hundreds of reports of severe weather. The good news in this storm is that weather officials were able to get warnings out in time for people to hunker down.


Earthquake In Japan

Everyone probably remembers the images of the tsunami that hit Japan over a year ago. The destruction that was left from the earthquake and following tsunami was absolutely devastating. If you turned on your TV in early March, then you probably thought that you were hearing flashbacks about that devastation. Unfortunately, what we were really seeing was information about a series of earthquakes that had just hit the country. After their experience the year before, emergency orders were immediately in effect. Thanks to the emergency orders, there were no deaths reported and no damage to the nuclear plants that were harmed the year before. Luckily the country was able to return to normal. After the quakes, the country got together to mourn the deaths of more than 19,000 people who died from the quake and tsunami the year before.


Mudslides in Haiti

For most people, rain is a good thing, but what happens when there is too much? Residents of Haiti recently found that too much rain can lead to mudslides and floods. If you remember, Haiti was hit with one of the most devastating earthquakes in history about two years ago. Now as they continue to rebuild, more devastation has hit the country again. The storms also brought lots of trouble to Hispaniola and the Dominican Republic. The storms come at a hard time for Haitian residents, as more than 500,000 people are still without homes after the earthquake. In the region it is estimated that the storms have caused the deaths of nine people and caused thousands to flee their homes.


Wind Storm in Turkey

When you think of a wind storm, what comes to mind? It is easy for us to picture items blowing over or lots of debris flying in the air. Recently, a freak windstorm hit Turkey and it is reported that winds reached speeds of 62 mph. Authorities were able to close bridges and flights to ensure safety. It is estimated that five people died in the storm and that more than 300 buildings were damaged. However, one of the strangest stories is about a yacht catching fire because of the wind. As the boat was sailing, it got caught in the storm and the wind blew flames onto the boat. Luckily 10 people were rescued from the vessel.


Floods in Saudi Arabia

What do you do if storms in your area have caused massive flooding and it is estimated that the force of the flood may be as heavy as 20 tons? You should probably stay away, and that is exactly what residents of Saudi Arabia recently had to do. Massive storms hit the area and caused heavy flooding throughout the country. It is estimated that more than 18 people have been killed in the floods, and until the storm dies down, there will be no rescue options that are allowed to take place for safety reasons.

If there is any lesson to be learned here, it is that you cannot run from Mother Nature. It is always important when you live in storm areas to take extra precautions and listen to any emergency information that is provided to you. These things can happen anywhere on Earth and all we can do is prepare.

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