Little Things You Can Do to Increase Your Homes Value

Posted November 2nd, 2010
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Everyone likes to make improvements on their homes as the years go by, and every project you do only helps add to your homes value while also making sure it remains comfortable for you and fits your tastes. One thing many people dont consider is that there are even very cheap and obvious things you can to to make your house look nicer while improving the homes value.

One thing that can help keep your house looking nice is having it power-washed once every year or even every two years. This will help the house keep a clean appearance, which is always important when you are having an appraisal done. Another thing yo can do to help the appearance and value is by planting some small shrubs around the yard, or even around the house. You do want to remember with any plants to keep them a little bit away from the foundation, especially plants with heavy thick roots since they can cause foundation damage which will just hurt the homes value.

Keeping your yard looking nice and clean and also clear of weeds and a well maintained lawn always help and are very easy and cost effective to maintain and improve upon. Also making sure any sidewalks are free of cracks and weeds will keep your home value up. if a new crack appears due to weather then just fill it right in, it is a quick easy DIY job.

Other things that can be quite costly are replacing any old windows and doors (inside and out), replacing siding or repainting when needed, making sure the roof stays in good shape, and fixing or having redone if there are problems. these are all things you should be doing for maintenance every so many years anyways, but if you keep on top of all the little problems as they arise you will avoid bigger problems and you will also keep the value of your home up.

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