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Posted April 7th, 2010
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Curb appeal is more than just having a house that looks great from the road. Curb appeal can help with that come inside and enjoy a spot of tea feeling. After a hard day at work, having a home that invites you in is the first step to de-stressing. Besides, you want something that you are proud to put homeowners insurance on.

Kick up that entryway
Time to make an entryway that yells out a welcoming feeling. One of the easiest items to do is by replacing old hardware. Replace that drab door handle with something shinny and new.

Take this up a notch and replace the whole door. This is more work, but wait until you see how much a good door can do for your curb appeal. Just take your time with this installation process. You don’t want to spruce up that homeowners insurance with a claim while you are sprucing up your curb appeal.

The last item you can do is install a bit of lighting. This step is often best when joined with symmetry. Installing a new light fixture on both sides of the door will draw the eyes to the door. This helps with that inviting feeling you are looking for.

Add some colorful foliage
Time to get some pots with plants in them. Hanging plants are also worth a good bit of considerations here. Don’t overdo it with the plants that you drown out your entry way though. You want people to feel invited in, not feel like they are walking through a jungle to come drop off your Girl Scout cookies.

You can enhance this feeling a bit by planting some flowers around the front of your home. There are even flowers that will not require you to have a great big green thumb. Pay the neighbor boy to come weed it if you don’t want to do that either. Plants go a long way to making that curb appeal spectacular.

Give your mailman some love
One of the most overlooked items on curb appeal is the mailbox. A pole with a box on it might be functional, but it does nothing to make you happy you have it insured with your homeowners insurance. Time to kick that box up a bit.

Change the post to something decorative. Make sure that the mailbox post accentuates your home and style. If you have a Victorian theme going on with the home, slapping a mailbox post made of tractor tires might now work out so well.

Next up is to tackle the mailbox itself. While there are plenty of choices here, you want something that works well with your overall style. This can be something as simple as spending a bit more on the box than some $20 special. It is impressive how much a nice mailbox can drastically change your curb appeal.

Just a few of these items can go a long way to sprucing up your curb appeal. You just might find that an inviting home is a home you are extremely proud to insure with homeowners insurance. You work hard for that money; your home should welcome you inside with inviting arms!

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