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Buying insurance for your home is an easy enough process. There are plenty of insurance companies just waiting to do business with you, but sometimes issues can arise when it comes to the cost of the insurance. Premiums for house insurance are dependent on different factors. If you want to get the most insurance for your home at the lowest premium, you need to know what you can do to make your home more “insurable”.

These articles will provide you with valuable suggestions and advice on lowering your home insurance premiums. With just a bit of effort, you can have the peace of mind that home insurance brings without breaking the bank.

  1. How to Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Premiums – Eight helpful tips on reducing your insurance premiums, including shopping around and raising your deductible.
  2. Keep Your Home Insurance Costs Down – Seven tips on lowering the cost of your homeowners insurance, such as grouping policies together.
  3. A Quick Way to Lower Your Monthly Mortgage Payment – Tips on lowering your insurance premium to lower your mortgage payment.
  4. Seven Ways to Reduce Your Home Insurance Premium – Seven useful tips on lowering your insurance premium, including installing an alarm system.
  5. Twelve Factors that Affect Your Insurance Rates – Informative article on different things that can raise your premiums and ways to reduce them.
  6. Ten Ways to Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Cost – Ten things to do to reduce your insurance cost, such as staying with the same insurer.
  7. A Few of Our Favorite Things – Easy ways to lower homeowners insurance rates, including maintenance of your home and yard.
  8. Five Ways to Lower Your Premiums Right Now – Five tips on lowering your premiums, like shopping around and making home improvements.
  9. Reduce Your Home Insurance Premium – Eight useful tips on lowering your insurance premium.
  10. How to Save Money on Your Insurance Rates – Ten ways to save money on your homeowners insurance, such as paying your premium in full.
  11. Tips to Keep Your Homeowners Insurance Low – Six tips for lowering your premiums, such as fencing your pool or trampoline.
  12. Five Tips that will Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Costs – Five helpful suggestions for lowering your insurance costs, including eliminating unneeded coverage.
  13. Six Tips to Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Costs – Six useful ideas for reducing your insurance costs, like insuring the house, not the land.
  14. Five Ways to Save on Homeowners Insurance – Information and short video on ways to save money on your insurance.
  15. Five Easy Ways to Lower Your Home Insurance Rates – Five tips on lowering your insurance costs, like increasing your deductible.
  16. Lower Your Mortgage Payment without a Loan Restructure – Tips on lowering your mortgage payment by reducing the cost of your home insurance.
  17. Twelve Ways to Lower Your Insurance Costs – Twelve helpful tips on reducing the cost of your insurance, including reviewing your needs once a year.
  18. Lower Your House Payment – Another article on reducing mortgage payments by reducing the cost of insurance premiums.
  19. Smart Ways to Lower Your Premiums – Six useful tips for reducing your premiums, including paying off your mortgage.
  20. Eleven Tips on Reducing and Saving on Homeowners Insurance – Eleven suggestions for saving money on insurance, such as calling agents with questions.
  21. Home Insurance Tricks – Helpful ways to cut the cost of your insurance premiums.
  22. Ten Tips to Reduce Your Home Insurance Costs – Ten helpful tips for saving money on your premiums, such as researching the location.
  23. Reduce Your Monthly Fixed Expenses – Information on reducing expenses to save money, including tips on lowering insurance premiums.
  24. Tips on Budgeting – Information on lowering expenses, including umbrella insurance to save on premiums.
  25. Seven Tips Toward Helping Reduce Your Insurance Costs – Seven useful ways you can lower your premiums, such as not making small claims.
  26. Homeowners Insurance Basics – Basic information on insurance, including the average cost and ways to reduce the cost.
  27. Five Ways to Reduce Your Fixed Monthly Expenses – Suggestions for lowering monthly expenses, including ways to lower insurance costs.
  28. Tips to Reduce the Cost of Your House Insurance – Ten tips for lowering your premiums, such as checking for neighborhood watch program discounts.
  29. Lower Rates for Home Insurance – Useful ways to ensure that your premiums are low, including the fact that newer homes cost less to insure.
  30. Consumer Home Insurance Information – Information on the basics of homeowners insurance, including factors that affect the premium rate.
  31. Tips for Lowering Rates – Helpful suggestions for lowering insurance rates, like making safety improvements to your home to lower home insurance rates.
  32. Getting Affordable Home Insurance Premiums is Easy – Helpful ways to get the best premiums for your homeowners insurance.
  33. Quick Tips to Save on Home Insurance – A few tips on reducing the cost of your insurance, including reducing the risk of fire.
  34. Eleven Dog Breeds that will Make Your Insurance Climb – Information on breeds of dogs to avoid owning if you want to keep your premiums affordable.
  35. Home Insurance Myths You Shouldn’t Believe In – Several myths that people tend to believe about home insurance, including lowering coverage to save money. Points out a few ways to save money without losing coverage.
  36. Simple Tips to Obtain the Best Rate – Easy ways to lower your home insurance rates, such as being a non-smoker.
  37. Cheap Home Insurance – Information on home insurance in Oregon and a ways to lower your premiums.
  38. Home Insurance in San Diego – Useful information on home insurance and ways to lower your rates in San Diego.
  39. Nine Tips to Reduce Your Rates – Nine helpful ways to lower your premium, such as remodeling.
  40. Clean Up the Clutter – Discussion on how hoarding can cause your premiums to rise due to fire risk or even cause your insurance to get cancelled.
  41. Home Insurance – Helpful information on shopping for home insurance and ways to save money on the premium.
  42. Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Premium Rates – Five tips on lowering your premium, such as not buying coverage you do not need.
  43. Tips to Lower Your Premium – Five ways to get better rates on home insurance, including getting several quotes for comparisons.
  44. Home Insurance: Keep This in Mind – A few tips to remember about home insurance and the suggestion of comparison-shopping to ensure the best rates.
  45. Higher Deductibles for Lower Insurance Premiums – Information on how a higher deductible can save you money on home insurance.

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Credit Scores May Hurt Homeowners Insurance Customers http://www.homeownersinsurance.org/credit-scores-may-hurt-homeowners-insurance-customers/ http://www.homeownersinsurance.org/credit-scores-may-hurt-homeowners-insurance-customers/#respond Thu, 14 Jan 2010 18:37:00 +0000 http://www.homeownersinsurance.org/?p=155 creditYou might not know it, but your low credit score impacts your life in a number of ways, beyond just affecting your interest rate or your ability to get credit. Your credit score might even have an impact on how much you’ll pay for your homeowners insurance. Even phone companies are getting into the act, according to the Federal Trade Commission, as more and more companies seek to determine how much risk is involved in having you as a customer.

What is your credit score?

It’s important, first of all, to get a handle on what your credit score really is. Every time you pay a bill, use a credit card, or apply for a loan, that action can affect your credit score. Your credit score is taken by looking at your credit report and, using a complex statistical analysis, comparing your credit history with the history of other customers like you. A credit score awards a certain number of points for each factor that goes into your credit report, and your overall total of those points is your credit score.

How do insurance companies use a credit score?

Some homeowners insurance companies will look at your credit report or credit score, along with other information about you, to help them predict whether it’s likely you’ll file an insurance claim and, if you do file a claim, how much it will be. That will then help the company to determine whether they can insure you, how much your insurance premiums will be and how much coverage they will let you have.

Getting a handle on your credit score

Under federal law, you’re allowed to get a free copy of your credit report from each of the three consumer credit reporting companies once a year. There is even a website, at www.annualcreditreport.com, where you can request the credit report.

While you’re allowed a free copy of your credit report, you aren’t entitled to your credit score for free. For that, you’ll have to pay extra. Each of the three consumer credit reporting companies offers your credit score, as well, and it is usually for a fee of right around $8.

How to use your credit score

There are a couple of ways in which having both your credit report and your credit score can be useful. First off, you should get them before you apply for homeowners insurance. This will help you know where you’re starting from in terms of how the insurance company sees your creditworthiness and your risk.

You can also use your credit report to identify potential errors and get them corrected. In addition, you can look at specific items in your credit report and identify potential areas of improvement, and be able to raise your overall credit score.

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