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Landscaping your property is the absolute best way to improve the “curb appeal” of your home. Whether you’re looking to improve the property value, or you just want to make your lawn & gardens look nice, it sure isn’t easy. It’s tough enough coming up with inspiration for the look you desire that will work with the challenges of the land you’re working with. What makes it more difficult is the up-keep and knowledge that must go along with it. We’ve compiled a list of our top 50 favorite sites to help you with inspiration and information for making your property the talk of the neighborhood:

Professional Landscaping

1.      Green Bay Nursery: Landscaping and gardens

2.      Backyard Oasis: Designer landscape and swimming pool creations.

3.      Partridge Design: Fine landscaping design since 1977.

4.      Clearwater Summit Group, Inc.: Residential landscaping services – Commercial, Residential, Renovations, Other Landscaping Projects.

5.      Hanselman Landscaping: Garden Design and Installation, Japanese Gardens, Garden Care, and Specialty Trees.

6.      Garden Designer: Landscape and garden design and ideas.

7.      Landscaping Blog | Landscape Design: Landscaping and garden design ideas.

8.      Landscape – Urbanism: Focus is on landscaping and vegetated architecture, urbanism, green roofs, living walls, and ecological planning.

9.      Terra Nova Ecological Landscaping Blog: Santa Cruz backyard landscaping designs.

10.  Elizabeth Carmel’s Landscape Photography Blog: Fine Art Landscape Photography.

11.  House Landscaping Ideas: Ideas for house, front yard, and backyard landscaping and free landscaping software.

12.  Unique Landscaping: Specializes in luxury pools and landscaping designs.

13.  Matt Anders Landscaping Blog: Landscaping guide, Austin, TX.

14.  O’ Connell Landscape: Design and build landscape contractor.

15.  Studio G: Landscaping design products, inspirations, ideas, and destinations journal.

16.  Exterior Worlds: Home and garden landscaping.

17.  Tree Hugger: Green resources.

18.  Land+Living Network: A modern world’s lifestyle and design.

19.  Free Soil: International collection and collaboration of everything landscape and environment.

20.  Plant NJ: Swimming pools and landscaping design and construction.

21.  Our Gardner: Horticulturists working as residential estate gardeners.

22.  Glorious-Landscape: Landscape fine art photography.

23.  Garden Visit: Find gardens, garden tours from around the world, and trip planner.

24.  Great-Landscape-Photography: Great landscape photography guide.

25.  Copy Landscape Blog: Texas landscaping design horticulturist.

26.  Solid Ground: Specializes in high-end commercial and residential landscaping.

27.  Garden Minnesota: Expert outdoor living landscapers.

28.  Digital Landscaping: Landscaping design, land art and training.

29.  All States Landscaping: Transforming Utah’s landscape since 1985.

30.  HLI: Houston Landscape Images uses your vision to design your landscape.

31.  Fine Gardening: Plant guide, design ideas, how to’s, videos, discussion and gallery.

32.  CalFinders: Connecting homeowners with contractors nationwide.

33.  Sounds Green: Landscaping lifestyles blog.

34.  Nations Harvest: Lawn Care Fundraiser.

35.  Green Landscaping: Sustainable green landscaping.

36.  Go Green Tool Shed: Ecological landscaping and going green.

37.  The Greenview Spring: All things green and garden resource.

38.  Lawn Care Landscape: Affordable, Eco-friendly professional lawn care for Ohio residents.

39.  The Lawn Blog: Fun, current information for the lawn and “green” industry.

DIY Landscaping

40.  CURBappeal: Living luxuriously on a limited budget.

41.  Backyard Landscape Ideas: Tips, Ideas, Resources, and How To’s.

42.  Go Green! Blog: Landscape supply helping people beautify the planet and their yards.

43.  Green Industry Pros: Tips, lawn equipment sales and repair.

44.  Farmington Gardens: Front yard and backyard gardening for beginners – vegetables and fruit trees.

45.  Front Porch Ideas and More: Porch and yard curb appeal landscaping.

46.  Savvy Landscaping: Tips, ideas, and tricks for adding curb appeal to your landscape.

47.  Black Forrest Co.: Beginner to expert designs specialized for the DIY landscapers.

48.  Danny Lipford: Home improvement advice.

49.  Great-Backyard-Landscaping-Ideas: Ideas, tips, landscaping information, and news letter.

50.  Landscaping Videos: Landscaping videos, plans, and pictures.

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Add a Waterfall to Spruce up that Drab Landscape Tue, 06 Apr 2010 18:13:11 +0000 You have done all the remodeling you can on the inside of your home. What do you do now to create a sanctuary of peace and relaxation? You install a waterfall in your backyard. Waterfalls create a calming area and provide a great conversation piece. Just don’t forget to clue your homeowners insurance know about your splendid new piece of Zen.

Plan your attack
The very first thing you need to do is plan your attack. Waterfalls come in various sizes, shapes, and material. Just because you have a small space does not mean you cannot enjoy the beauty of a waterfall.

Plan how much you want to spend overall. Figure our where you want to place this conversation piece. Last is to think about the visuals. Will you be able to walk around the whole piece, or do you plan to back this up so nobody can fully walk around it?

Pre-fabricated for quick and easy installation
Now that you have your thoughts down it is time to hit the stores to do some shopping. The first thing you might notice is that you can buy a completely pre-fabricated waterfall setup. Pre-fabricated setups offer a variety of advantages.

Pre-fabricated setups will include everything you need for a quick and easy installation. They also come from small wall mounted setup to large pond type setups. Pre-fabricated setup can also cause you less frustration that could lead to a hammer in the side of the house claim on your homeowners insurance.

Build it yourself
Those with a bit more of a do it yourself attitude can build their own waterfall feature. The biggest advantage to this is that the feature meets your wants, space requirements, and needs. These are more work, but those do it yourself types will love the result.

Constructing a waterfall yourself will come with a few decisions to make as well. You might not be buying a fully pre-fabricated setup, but you can buy parts that are prefabricated. Stones, sculptures, or even the water basin can all come pre-fabricated.

Another big decision will be your rock choices. You just might spend hours at the rock store choosing all the rocks to accentuate this feature. Don’t forget to ask about rocks that can stand up to water and your weather conditions. The last thing you want is a bunch of cracked rocks after the first winter. You won’t enjoy having shattered rocks on your homeowners insurance.

The whole key to the do it yourself waterfall is to make it your waterfall. Think over what features you want. Shop around for features and designs. You want something you will enjoy for many years to come.

Apartment dwellers can have a waterfall
Those of you who live in a place with no yard to install a waterfall can still enjoy this calming feature. There are countertop waterfalls. There are even freestanding floor waterfalls. Do a bit of shopping and you just might be impressed with the choices at your disposal.

Installing a waterfall does not to be complicated. Check out your local hardware store and see for yourself. You might just find that this little piece of Zen just might give you something you’re proud to put some homeowners insurance on!

Photo via Shyn Darkly

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