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Choosing paint colors can sometimes be a daunting task. Some couples have trouble agreeing on one color while others do not know where to start. Picking the right colors for the room is very important. If you are choosing a theme or if you are just wanting to invoke a mood the colors are very crucial. Some people say certain colors can either calm you or make you excited. You would want a more calming color in a bedroom where as you would want a more vibrant color for a living area. These articles will help you choose which colors are best for the theme you have in mind.

  1. Color Me Confused: Find out how to choose the right colors for any room in your home. Find ones that match your personality and the theme for the room.
  2. Choosing the Right Color for Your Living Room: What do you want your living room to say to others? Learn how to pick out the colors for your living room walls.
  3. Choosing the Right Dining Room Colors: The dining room is where most families come together and sit down all at once. Find out how to choose the right colors for the dining room.
  4. Faux Like a Pro: This is a great new painting technique that many are loving. Learn how to do it like the pros do here and get great tips and hints.
  5. The Right Paint for Your Living Room: Get help choosing the right paint colors for your living room walls. There are a few questions you should ask yourself when you are deciding.
  6. Pick Colors with Your iPhone: There are actually apps to help you pick your colors for any room using your iPhone. Learn about them here and how they can help you choose the right colors for any room in your home.
  7. Home Theater Room: Some colors will make your room look smaller than it actually is. Get tips here on what colors to choose for your home theater room that will make it look bigger.
  8. Right Colors to Sell Your Home: If you are looking at selling your home you may want to read here. There are certain paint colors you want to stay away from to make your home more appealing.
  9. Tile Colors: If you want to update your room with some new tile, look here on how to pick the right tile colors. You can combine it with colors you already have in the room or do a contrasting color to your walls.
  10. Painting Like a Pro: Get pro tips on how to paint any room in your house. Also get tips on how to pick the right colors for any room.
  11. Picking a Rug: Mixing your colors can be easy with accessories. Learn how to pick a rug for any room and color scheme.
  12. Picking the Perfect Colors: One blogger shares tips on how to pick the right colors to match your sense of style.
  13. Selecting Colors: The colors of a room can either make or break it. Get tips on picking the right colors to fit any style of room.
  14. Historical Paint Colors: If you want to bring a historical touch to your home, try these tips. Picking out colors is very important in conveying the style you want.
  15. Bold Accents: See a few ideas on how to make your white kitchen pop. You can add bold splashes of color to bring a new feel to any room.
  16. Living Room Colors: This blogger shares tips on how to pick your living room colors. Find out what colors go together well and which ones you may want to steer clear of.
  17. Say No to White: One blogger says to stay away from white walls. Find the colors that make you feel good and choose those to paint your home.
  18. Techniques and Tips: Paint like a pro with these tips on how to do different painting techniques. Learn how to mix different colors and styles.
  19. Four Tools: Take a look a these tools to help you pick your colors. They can help you decide what colors you want to mix and match when you paint.
  20. Pick the Perfect Colors: Get tips on how to pick the perfect colors every time. Don’t be frightened by the amount of choices. Learn how to go in and pick the color you want without being too overwhelmed.
  21. Free Online Tools: Get help picking out your colors to pain any room in your home. Try these out before you go into the store to pick a color.
  22. Two Colors: One painter shares tips on how to pick two colors for your walls. Find out why you should pick two colors and how to best pick them for your home.
  23. Great Colors: Picking your living room colors is a big decision. They convey a certain mood and must go along with your lighting and decorations in the room.
  24. Color Trends and Tips: See what are the current trends in paint colors for your home. There are also a few tips to help you pick the right colors and get them on your walls.
  25. Psychology of Colors: When choosing your colors for your living room, take time to stop by here. See what the colors say about you and what mood they can convey to others in your home.
  26. Feng Shui: Many people believe the way you color and decorate a room has the ability to affect your life in that room. See here how to properly decorate and color your living room.
  27. Picking Colors: Try different techniques to applying the paint once you have picked your colors. There is no limit to how you can get the paint on the wall and to what colors you can go with.
  28. Living Room Colors: There are so many different colors, patterns and textures out there to choose from. Get tips here on how to be happy with the colors in your living room.
  29. Make it Come Alive: Take a look at some of these great examples of color in your living room. See how they used the colors together and what accessories you can add as well.
  30. Get Ideas: If you are looking for color scheme ideas, stop by here to see what one blogger has to say. They can help you get ideas for your living room or any other room in your home.
  31. Painting Your Living Room: If you are looking to redecorate your living room, this blog might have the ideas you are searching for. Painting a room can bring new life to a room and change the whole feel of it.
  32. Living Room: This is the most used room in your whole house. Everyone gathers here. Learn a few tips on how to redecorate the room and how to get it more useful to anyone who enters.
  33. Decorator Secrets: Want to know what an interior decorator would say? Find out here and get tips on how to choose the right colors for your living room.
  34. Happy Living Room: Learn how to pick the right colors and placement of furniture to make your living room comfortable and happy to be in.
  35. Living Room Ideas: Get a few ideas and tips on how to add color to your room without painting and a few storage ideas as well.
  36. Inspirations for Living Rooms: Take a look at some of these pictures and get inspired for your own home.
  37. Design Ideas: Discover a few tips on how to add color to your living room and how to decorate. See if any of these inspire a new look for your room.
  38. Tips for Decorating: Utilize these ideas to add splashes of color or just a new look to your living room.
  39. Jazz it Up: Use color to add more life to your living room or any room in your home. You can change the feel of the room simply by adding splashes of color.
  40. Colors are Important: Many believe that the colors you have in your home can invite balance to your home and life. Find out why they think that and which colors you should choose.
  41. Best Paints: Whether you are redoing the outside or the inside, stop by here to see what the best choice in paints are for those jobs.
  42. Living Room Color Ideas: If you are at a loss for what colors you want to paint, try stopping here to get a few suggestions of the most popular color schemes.
  43. Room Ideas: If you are just starting to look try this wonderful site. Get tips on any room in your house and start adding color today.
  44. Country Theme: If you are wanting to bring the country into your home, take time to stop by this site. Learn ideas on how to decorate country and add color to your room.
  45. On a Budget: You can decorate and add color on any budget. Get tips here from one blogger who does just that. She shows you how to spend less and love what you have.
  46. Furniture Choices: If you are wanting to add colors or just change up the living room, look here for some great furniture ideas. You do not have to paint to add color.
  47. Living with Bright Color: Don’t be afraid to add bold colors to your room. See how you can do that here and also where to add those colors.
  48. Most Popular Color: See what the most popular color choices are now and see why they are that popular. Discover whether these are colors you want to put in your home.
  49. Victorian Style: If you love the Victorian style homes, this is the site for you. Get decorating tips and which colors are the best to use for this type of style.

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Fast and Cheap Home Decor Tactics Wed, 26 May 2010 15:03:08 +0000 If your home is starting to look like it could use a face lift, don’t despair. Even if you don’t have a ton of time or money, there are some pretty quick and inexpensive home improvement and decorating activities you can do in order to spruce things up. Some of the simplest techniques can produce truly amazing results. In most cases, you don’t even need to bring in a contractor to do a bunch of construction and run the risk of a homeowners insurance claim.


There are tons of things you can do with furniture to breathe new life into your home. Sometimes, simply rearranging the furniture can really change things around. You might instead think about buying some pre-owned furniture. Used furniture is a relatively inexpensive solution. Try to go with furniture that comes from a non-smoking home. Make sure you thoroughly inspect any used furniture to make sure it’s sturdy, and smell it to make sure it’s not moldy. A couple of furniture accent pieces, such as end tables or plant stands, can go a long way toward brightening up a room and changing its feel.


Plants can help your home out in a number of ways. To begin with, they help to purify the air inside your home. They can also add a certain amount of color and as well as ambiance to a dark and drab room. Putting in some flowering houseplants can really give you a peaceful feeling, especially in those colder, drab, dreary winter months. Just make sure that you know what kinds of plants you’re getting into. Some plants may be poisonous to your hose pets, for example. Know which plants should be situated where your pets or small children won’t be able to get to them.


Paint is one of the least expensive ways to redecorate and improve a room. The process of deciding which colors should go where can be fun, as well, and really lets you express your creativity. Make sure to invest in a good quality paint, as a cheap paint will go on much more thin and require more coats, and in the end it won’t look very good. Don’t be shy about picking your paint colors, either. Consider the fact that a bold color can evoke certain emotions, make a room seem smaller or larger, and even provide a sense of peace.

Photo via veni markovski

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