The 10 Most Important Tools for Home Improvement and Maintenance

Posted May 12th, 2010
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If you’re a new homeowner, you might be absolutely shocked at how much maintenance is involved in owning a home. It’s not like when you lived in an apartment. Back then, if your faucet leaked you could call the landlord and he’d send someone to fix it. When you live in a home, you either need to fix it yourself or actually pay someone to do it.

If you’re like most folks, you’d rather see if you can handle it on your own. To do so, however, you’re going to need to have some tools.

Here are the 10 most important tools to have on hand when you own your home:

  1. Homeowners insurance. OK, technically homeowners insurance isn’t a tool. But if you wind up putting a hole through your bathroom wall or if your roof falls in while you’re working on the gutters, you’re going to need to be covered.
  2. Screwdriver set. Today’s screwdrivers come in plenty of options. There are hand-held screwdrivers that accept bits, for example. Of course, those bits can get lost or broken, and you wind up with a useless screwdriver. Instead, you might want to invest in a quality set of screwdrivers with a number of styles.
  3. Hammer. You need a good ripping and framing hammer. Claw hammers are a think of the past. You can be much more accurate with a ripping hammer.
  4. 5 in One tool. This kind of tool is a painting tool with 5, 7 or more different uses. It’s also sometimes known as a “painters multitool.” There are tons of uses for these, and they’re easy to find in the painting section of your hardware or home improvement store.
  5. Tape measure. You want to have a tape measure that’s at least 25 feet in length.
  6. Safety equipment. You need eye protection, gloves, a dust mask and knee pads.
  7. Wrenches. You need a set of open-ended wrenches. You don’t need anything fancy here. A basic set is fine.
  8. Pliers. Consider getting linesman pliers That have a built-in wire cutter. Get ones that are more like nine inches in length rather than the standard short six inchers.
  9. Pipe wrench. You need a pipe wrench for any time you need to thread a pipe together or take a pipe apart.
  10. Chanel lock pliers. Chanel locks let you adjust large nuts. This gives you more leverage without having to apply extra grip. Get a good set, because they’ll be the most-used tool in your kit.

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