The Tiny House and You

Posted March 17th, 2010
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tinyhouseWhy is it that we keep seeing houses getting larger and larger? Driving through a subdivision is a blatant example of this phenomenon. Cookie cutter McMansions are all lined up in nice neat little rows. These houses often cost more to insure, heat, cool, furnish, and maintain. This does not have to be though. There is a new type of house creeping into some people’s lives: the Tiny House.

The tiny house is a small house. By small, I don’t mean 1000 square feet. I am talking about some houses that are no bigger than a dorm-room. Some of these houses can even be built on a single-axle trailer. It might sound crazy, but let us take a look further.

Let’s start with the smallest of the houses I mentioned. A tiny house built on a single axel trailer. This house averages less than 70 square feet, yet still has a kitchen, bathroom, place to sleep, and can be pulled by the average pickup.

A step up from this would be a tiny house built on a double axel trailer. For a visual, these are the trailers you see most landscapers using to pull their equipment. A house built on one of these trailers can even hit a square footage of 130 feet.

These might sound like a horrible idea, but they do have an appeal to them. Neighbors got you down and out? Just hook up and pull away for a few days. Want to go on a cross-country tour, yet you can’t see staying in a hotel? Grab your house on wheels and away you go.

One of the biggest advantages to these itty-bitty homes is that they can be built on the cheap. Do a bit of looking around town and find lumber that is being discarded. Windows can be pulled from several places like demolished churches or renovated houses. Best of all, many people will be able to construct this type of house on their own.

If a house on wheels is not so much your cup of tea, have no fear, as there are more options as well. You could start by building this tiny house on a foundation. It might sound a bit odd, but it would make a perfect hunting cabin in the woods. There are other options for houses under the 1000 square foot mark as well. It just takes a bit of Googling and you will find plenty of information out there.

In a world of ever-growing home and car sizes, it is good to know there are options for a smaller footprint. These little palaces of love can be built on the cheap, or as expensive as your heart desires. With all the homeowners insurance, heating and cooling, and furnishing costs cut down substantially, you just might be able to buy that property by the lake you have always dreamed of.

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