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Posted June 16th, 2010
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Injuries that occur at home are one of the top reasons for emergency room visits each year. Whether it is falling from a wobbly ladder or a child putting a small object in their mouth, these are the types of accidents that can be prevented with just a little foresight and preparation. For this reason, it is important for consumers to be aware of the pitfalls to safety that can be present in their homes. The following blogs have thorough and practical information that is applicable to keeping everyone safe in their homes, regardless of whether they live in a house or an apartment.

  1. Sandwich Ink: This blog gives advice about keeping seniors safe to the “sandwich” generation, the generation that is taking care of both their children and their parents.
  2. Seabridge Bathing Blog: This blog entry reminds seniors, and those people who care for and love seniors, about the home safety issues that are of particular importance to this segment of the population.
  3. Pocket Change: This blog entry features gadgets such as smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms that are essential to ensure that a family is safe in their home.
  4. HJDS Investment Group: This blog entry tells consumers about the common mistakes that are made in regards to home safety.
  5. Caring Companions: A blog entry that focuses on keeping seniors safe during the cold days of winter.
  6. My Philly Lawyer: This blog entry, written by a lawyer in Philadelphia, focuses on the safety issues surrounding swimming pools as well as the responsibilities that come with pool ownership.
  7. Family Home Security: This blog focuses on helping people keep their home safe by covering many different aspects of home safety including keeping children safe.
  8. She Knows: This blog article features some tips on staying safe while entertaining in the home.
  9. Do it Yourself: These articles give consumers lots of tips about how to stay safe when dealing with electricity.
  10. Home Safety Tips: This article focuses on safety tips to keep in mind when consumers attempt home improvement jobs around the house.
  11. Home Security: This article details some items consumers need to be aware of in order to be safe in their homes
  12. Do it Yourself HQ: This entry offers some timely tips to remind consumers about being safe while using power tools.
  13. Solar Power: This blog entry cautions people about being safe with their solar power battery banks.
  14. Ask the Electrician: This article details a variety of ways in which people need to be safe around electricity.
  15. Natural Handyman: The Natural Handyman has a handy article that gives consumers great advice about how to make a backyard playground a safe area.
  16. Atlanta Injury Attorneys: A blog article that deals things consumers need to know concerning the prevention of burns.
  17. Crime, Safety, Security: This website is full of tips for families to keep themselves and their family members safe.
  18. Mrs. Fixit: Mrs. Fixit gives consumers advice about how to enjoy the beauty of candles in the house in a safe way.
  19. House Plans and More Blog: This blog entry gives lots of information about how consumers can be safe around pools.
  20. GaGa Sisterhood: In this blog entry, the writer reminds people how to keep children safe around water.
  21. Creating Communities: This blog details a wide assortment of safety tips in celebration of June as Safety Month.
  22. Mommy B Knows Best: This mother discusses keeping children safe and baby proofing the home.
  23. Ron Hazelton: Ron Hazelton’s blog details how to keep children safe in the home.
  24. All Things Frugal: The blog focuses on frugality and offers some tips on how to keep older adults safe in the home.
  25. Life 360: This blog entry focuses on summer tips safety tips.
  26. Blog4Safety: This blog entry offers some tips for consumers to stay safe during hurricane season.
  27. Community Blog: This blog entry gives a number of tips to keep young babies safe.
  28. Home Safety Blog: This entry details some pitfalls consumers need to be aware of in order to stay safe in their homes.
  29. Listen 2 Your Gut: This blog entry brings consumers’ attention to the safety of Wi-Fi for children in the home.
  30. Debra’s List: Debra details some simple ways that consumers can be safer in their homes.
  31. My Child Safety: This blog entry gives detailed information about ensuring children stay safe around water.
  32. Earth Easy: This blog entry gives consumers lots of alternatives to toxic cleaners that are often used in the homes thus filled the home with noxious fumes that can make it unsafe for people.
  33. American Safe Room: This blog entry gives details on building a safe room appropriate for use during a natural or man made disaster.
  34. Six Wise: This blog entry reminds consumers about how dangerous small appliances can be.
  35. How Cast: This article offers lots of easy to implement ideas for keeping older people safe in their homes.
  36. Fake Kid: This blog article goes consumers many suggestions for keeping children safe at home.
  37. Security Choice: A blog entry that details numerous ways for people to keep their families safe.
  38. Home Inspector Locator: This blog has a thorough listing of many safety tips and resources designed to keep people safe in their homes.
  39. Home Safety: This article discusses in detail how to keep seniors safe from the most common household accidents.
  40. Apartment Search: Although targeted to apartment dwellers, these safety tips can be applied to any to help stay safe in the home.
  41. This blog entry is full of safety tips that people that rent apartments will appreciate.
  42. Home Insurance: This blog has a number of safety tips geared toward the summer time. They are conveniently group by category.
  43. Gomestic: This blog gives many practical solutions to help consumers ensure their home is safe for their toddler.
  44. Christian Homemaking: This blog entry gives consumers 15 ways to stay safe from house fires.
  45. I Think Therefore I Blog: This blog entry focuses on helping consumers stay safe while using space heaters.
  46. Hibber Bothwell: This blog features a host of safety tips for those households with babies.
  47. Quazen:  This blog entry details ways to ensure that consumers are safe in their homes, one room at a time.
  48. Daily Puppy: This blog gives simple and concrete ways for consumers to stay safe in the home.
  49. My Precious Kid: This blog details how people can keep the children in the house safe from large televisions.
  50. Home Evolutions: This blog focuses on keeping the older segment of the population safe in their homes.
  51. Oregon Injury Attorney: This blog entry details the dangers of mini blind cords to children in the home.
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