Top 52 Home Decorating Blogs

Posted June 28th, 2010
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Decorating the home can be a bit of a challenge.  Where do you start?  What will best express you the best?  Looking at different design ideas sometimes can be an effective starting point.

Use these blogs for a place to begin.  Here you will find many design ideas from objects d’art to entire room designs.  Eclectic to traditional, shabby chic to provincial; there are ideas on how to use everything in one room and make it look good.

  1. Chicken wire as décor Using chicken wire as an armature or decoration in of itself.
  2. Author and interior decorator How a published interior decorator uses shabby chic as a theme.
  3. Freshness and color Using color to inject freshness into your already existing furniture.
  4. Your space, your style Taking your home and style and turning it into interior design that you can live with.
  5. Contemporary design with a revival feel Combining a timeless feel using furniture from different design eras.
  6. Scandinavian style and design Following top Scandinavian fashion trends and designers
  7. Decorating with a budget Tips on how to decorate your home without spending a fortune.
  8. Provincial France with a Renaissance twist The light and airy feeling of Provincial French decorating with the rich colors of the Renaissance.
  9. In depth looks at decorating themes Discussing what makes a particular overall look work.
  10. Bohemian in San Francisco Bohemian design done San Francisco style.
  11. Elegance, style, beauty and Grace. Paula Grace takes a look at home fashion trends.
  12. A housewife big on chic How this housewife decorates with shabby chic finds
  13. Primitive home design Using rustic items to decorate the home
  14. Decorating with an edge She’s a home decorator with an agenda.
  15. Flea market fashions A flea market devoted to decorating you and your home with shabby chic.
  16. Sharing, inspiring and guiding you A decorator shares ideas and inspirations with the hope of guiding you in your own design journey.
  17. Color and ethnic design Using ethnic designs with lots of color in your home.
  18. Green design Tips for living a natural and green lifestyle.
  19. Stylish living and easy entertaining Clean and modern design for all aspects of living
  20. Highlighting modern interior design Taking a look at contemporary design ideas.
  21. The love of second hand Buying second hand items through different venues
  22. Beautiful things for inspiration An interior designer shares her love of beautiful things as inspiration for design.
  23. Saving the world through green design How to save our environment via designing green.
  24. Taking a look inside A designer shares her own home’s interior design.
  25. Urban interior design Tips and ideas for making the best of an urban living space.
  26. Taking a peek at an eclectic interior How a friend used art and objects to create a unique interior
  27. Focus on different aspects of design Articles on how to take an object or a room and change it up.
  28. The lifestyles of the glamorous Following how the other half live.
  29. Funky and unique apartment tours Documenting how people have turned their apartment spaces into works of livable art.
  30. Two designers from Canada Beautifying the world one room at a time.
  31. Antiques from Paris Parisian antiques chosen with a designer’s eye.
  32. A Bohemian lifestyle Embodying what it means to live like a Bohemian.
  33. A designer shares her work Taking a look at the work of Marie Antoinette Interiors.
  34. Designing with the Jetsons 50’s retro designer and her ideas
  35. Looking at the little things Items that make your house into a home.
  36. Design inspiration from around the world Interior design ideas from Europe and beyond.
  37. Stamping it up Design ideas using different types of stamps.
  38. Design with shabby chic Items for completing a home’s shabby chic décor.
  39. Living the inspired life Ideas and thoughts for designs.
  40. India design ideas Taking ideas and items from India for design inspiration.
  41. Lettering in vinyl Custom vinyl lettering for application on various items and surfaces.
  42. Living Southern Ideas for a Southern lifestyle.
  43. Clever ideas for living spaces Ferm is Danish for clever, and clever is the idea behind design.
  44. Casual and chic Bright colors, white walls and lots of cuteness.
  45. Organize your life Tips for making organization simple and decorative.
  46. Frugal home design Thoughts on how to be a frugal decorator with great results.
  47. Life on the East coast Musings on a family’s East coast home.
  48. Sweets and interior design Taking a look at making sweets into a design accent.
  49. Shabby chic artist An artist who paints in the style of shabby chic shares her designs.
  50. Inspired by design Designs for daily living inspiration.
  51. Custom vinyl letter design Unique designs with vinyl lettering
  52. Inspired by patina A look at decorative items with a patina of age.
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