Use Lasers for Home Security

Posted February 12th, 2010
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laserWhile a home with lasers doesn’t sound nearly as cool as sharks with lasers (thank you, Austin Powers) the fact of the matter is you can use laser technology to help secure your home. The laser beams don’t fry intruders, but they do detect whether or not someone is coming into your home. Using such a system may even get you a discount on your homeowners insurance.

Now, you’ve got two possibilities here.

Professional Laser Home Security Systems

You can buy a laser-based home security system, for one. This process usually involves hiring a security company. The security company will wire each of the lasers for each egress point in your home. They may wire your windows with lasers, if you wish, or they may stick to doorways.

An installed system can either alert you of a home invasion via a loud horn noise, or it can silently alert a security company. If you want it to alert a security company, you’ll have to pay them a monthly fee for monitoring. However, you eliminate the possibility that neighbors would just ignore the siren if it went off when you weren’t at home. In addition, a security company may be able to also monitor your home for other problems, such as monitoring your smoke alarms and being able to contact the fire department.

Do-It-Yourself Laser Home Security Systems

Your other choice is to build your own home laser security system. To do so, you’ll need all sorts of gismos and gadgets, not the least of which is the laser itself. Oh, and you’ll need the diagrams and whatnot, as well. You’ll have to build one for every doorway or window where you want the laser to be, too, so in the long run you’re talking about quite a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. Still, if you have the skill and the time, you can save a few bucks going this route.

One of the big differences between having a professional laser-based alarm system installed and the do-it-yourself option is, of course, how the system notifies you of intruders. If you have a security company install lasers, you can choose to have the security system notify the company, who can then notify the police or other emergency services personnel.

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