Winter Landscaping Ideas

Posted October 27th, 2010
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During the warmer months, it’s easy to come up with beautiful landscaping ideas that will make your home more attractive. During the winter, however, landscaping is still important. Just think how drab everything tends to look when that pretty new snow melts to reveal a brown carpet of grass. Try out these ideas to make your home more beautiful all winter long.

  • Ornamental grasses. Tall grasses that sway in the breeze can give a breath of life to your winter landscape. You can plant them to mark certain locations, such as the end of your driveway that may be covered in snow, or plant several close together to create a privacy screen.
  • Lily-of-the-Valley shrubs. These evergreen shrubs, which are also known as Pieris Japonica or ‘Andromeda,’ lend their texture to snowy landscapes, and blossom in early spring.
  • Evergreen shrubs and conifer trees. They aren’t just used for celebrating Christmas. Evergreens can also be planted in the yard as part of an overall winter landscaping design. Be sure to have trees and shrubs of various sizes for the best effect.
  • Beech trees. These trees keep their leaves longer than other deciduous varieties, and offer a gorgeous shape when covered with a layer of snow.
  • Bird feeders. Attract some winter birds to your back yard with a bird feeder. Make sure you know what local birds eat in winter, and install specialized feeders for the kinds of birds you wish to attract. Bird watching can be a fun family pastime in winter, and something that children particularly enjoy.
  • Wishing wells. If you’re thinking of installing a wishing well, you’ll need to break ground before it gets too cold. Wishing wells and other standalone landscaping features can beautify your lawn all year round, but are especially nice in winter months, since they are set apart from the rest of the snowy cover.
  • Juniper trees, bushes and groundcovers. Junipers offer a wide variety of textures and colors. Consult a professional landscaper to see how you could use them in your design. Landscape consultants may be found in your local telephone book, or you could contact your homeowners insurance company for a referral.
  • Don’t forget the lighting. Winter months tend to be darker as the days get shorter and shorter. Make your landscape magical by adding lighting to highlight walkways and other features.
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